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  • Akatsuki Lovers
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    A mixture of Boyfriend Scenarios and One Shots. Requests are open (no oc's. Just scenarios or any adjustments) I take criticism to the mind and heart so I may improve, so give it to me please (/^.^)/ gimme gimme

  • Naruto Preferences(Semi-Hiatus)
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    The title really said it all so ENJOY!!!!☺☺☺

  • ¤Akatsuki Oneshots¤
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    Ohh boy here we go again~❤ This will have alot of kazu one shots obviosuly but I will try and do all the bois as I go, so everyone can enjoy ^^ Maybe try and write none Akatsuki bois later on. I don't take requests because these are scribbles I write in my free time so yeah~ sowwy

  • Naruto & Akasuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Includes boys of team 7, the famous assassin clan, and a few from the sand village ^_^ I hope you all enjoy!

  • Student X teacher / smut / fluff / lemon?
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    You'd been lagging behind in classes, and your teacher Mr Hale had offered you private tutoring. You'd been going for a few weeks and formed a fast friendship. But what happens when Courtney gets involved?

  • Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    I know there are a lot of these but I wanted to write my own.

  • Akatsuki Scenarios
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    These are just some boyfriend scenarios for the akatsuki members. If you want more after this book ends, check out my tumblr: akatsuki_trashcan for scenarios, imagines, ask requests, memes, and more! Please enjoy~

  • Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Boyfriend Scenarios for the Akatsuki members. I will update regularly. I don't own Naruto or any of the characters. I do own the story lines however. This book will have language and sexual content at some point. Read at your own risk. (if you don't believe me read my lemon book lol) Enjoy.

  • Boyfriend Scenarios: Akatsuki
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    Some scenarios where you are romantically involed with an aktsuki member I dont own the akatsuki or anything mentioned in my scenarios. Cover is by Miss KawaiiSleepy, thank you!!!

  • Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios 2 [Hiatus]
    6.9K 188 6

    Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, any characters from Naruto, any other anime's referenced along with their respective characters. [THIS BOOK IS ON SEMI-PERMANENT HIATUS] This is a continuation so if you haven't read the first book, corresponding to this one, you should probably go do that. Including: -Kisame -Itachi ...

  • Naruto one shot's
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    This will be a book of one shots of various characters from Naruto. Lemons and Modern AU are included. -I do not own Naruto or the characters in Naruto, they belong to Masashi Kishimoto.-

  • ~ One and Only ~ Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Pretty much what the title says! Thi story is from my Quotev account, So please don't be alarmed if this looks familiar.

  • akatsuki x reader ( smut ) oneshots
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    i do smut and non smut. depends on where im writing. 😂👌

  • Naruto Oneshots and Lemons!
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    all of ya sexual imagines right here!

  • anime lemons
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    Feel free to give me suggestions on what you want me to write over The animes that I can do a lemon on: Naruto tokyo ghoul Rosario + vampire fairy tail black Butler seven deadly sins high school dxd

  • Naruto boy's x Reader
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    Just some scenarios where you date the boys from Naruto. Warning: there is some lemon in here {and if you want, you can request some too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) } I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR THE IMAGES USED HERE Taking request so... it would be very appreciated if you do.. I haven't watched shippuden yet... YET

    Completed   Mature
  • Pain x Obito| Our Pain Is A Paradise
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    ''Why do me and you have same pain?" as i grab his wrists and we both look face to face. since me and him almost had the same thing happened to us back in the past. "who are you?" i question this 'Tobi' "Haha, fear of Tobi?" he replies with his childish voice "i'm not playing around! who are you!" i was gettin...

  • God's Goddess (A Pein Love story) ON HOLD (major writer's block D:)
    15.7K 166 9

    Jaynean, a wolf girl who joined the akatsuki with her sister to escape her pack, falls in love with the most ironcy guy in the Akatsuki.. The Leader Pein. Will their love last or will it die from the test they go through. Enjoy reading!! DISCLAIMER: I DONT OWN THEE AKATSUKI OR ANY NARUTO NINJA :/ NO MATTER HOW MUCH I...

  • Anime Lemons! (Reader Insert)
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    Hello lovely people! I am working on lemons from Anime all across the board and requests are open! I will do my best to complete them in a timely manner. Just message me what kind of pairing and what kind of lemon you want it to be and I will get it done. No OCs please, it is reader insert strictly. Unless otherwise...

  • Naruto Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    I will add Kisame, Itachi, Zetsu, Tobi, Pein, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, and male Konan!

  • Akatsuki x Reader Oneshots
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    Title explains it all

  • Not Just A Ninja // Naruto one Shots
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    Ranked #2 in NWA/Naruto Watty Awards; One shots Naruto One Shots Some modern and some regular Naruto era Naruto Various! X Female! Reader ~REQUEST ARE CLOSED~ Thank you all for the support, I don't know how to thank you all! You all listened to my rants and stayed by hard times, for that I thank you for your loyalty...

  • Long Naruto 🍋~Lemons~ 🍋
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    Naruto boys x Reader Look people, no offense... but all the lemons I read are SO short. I think, oh I'll just go to the next lemon! But then I have to take time to find it, get through the intro and blah blah blah. I just want something longer to ride out and here it is! For everyone who is tired of SHORT lemons!! Her...

  • Naruto Closet Chronicles/20 Minutes in heaven
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    if you wondering why it's rated smut, it's because of the reader special -_^

  • Kankuro Oneshots
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    This is my book of one shots for Kankuro Subaku from Naruto Shippuden. Some will have my O.C., but I will make some where you can insert your own . Enjoy!! 😎

  • Anime Oneshots
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    I do not own any of the anime characters, I only own the story line of each oneshots ?, limes, fluffs, smut, I will literally write anything. X readers or ships or OC's If you are asking for an OC x Character or OC x Reader I would like you to private message me in this format: Name Age Gender Personality Description...

  • Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Just a little something

  • Akatsuki Boyfriend scenarios
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    MODERN AKATSUKI :D I update when I want. not when I'm told.

  • Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios
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    A set of scenarios with Itachi, Kisame, Hidan, Kakuzu, Tobi and Deidara. Some strong language and suggestive themes may occur.