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  • Healer of Sakkara
    11.6K 1.7K 20

    17-year-old Galen lives with his adoptive father in a small province called Thryn. He doesn't look like the other people there, and the only clue he has to his true origins is a silver pendant that belonged to his mother. One day, while gathering healing herbs in the forest, Galen encounters a strange man on the run...

  • Into the Wild Dark
    435 52 6

    A Guardian Angel-in-training. A soul-eating djinn. A werewolf ex-convict torn between love and vengeance. More than a heart hangs in the balance. ************************ After Jack Slobodnik's wrongful conviction gets overturned, it doesn't change how drastically four years behind bars have upended his life. Sleeping...

    225 40 15

    Find someone who will LINGR in your afterlife! 25-year-old Vic was bitten by a vampire three months ago. Now, they're a lonely vampire fledgling trying to still follow their human dream of being a stand-up comedian while controlling their bloodthirst. Vic never wanted to be a vampire, though: they were turned the nig...

  • Wicked Curse
    4.9K 248 13

    Dead Centuries ago despite being a vampire, King Sinclair's son was bitten by something in the woods. In their dire efforts to save him, the Royal Sinclairs kidnapped a virgin. From the all-powerful and unforgiving Coven of Aries Witches. However, everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The virgin witch d...

  • Timber Man
    7.8K 2 3

    Tim has the power to control plants after his thumb is stained green. He builds a home in the remote forests of Montana. Joselin is a forest ranger who documents strange occurrences. The two connect through radio calls.

  • Garden of Light: Beneath Devouring Eyes #1
    13.2K 2.7K 89

    An abandoned boy, a grieving prince, and a reclusive sorcerer find themselves caught in a web of mystery and peril... Domi, a young thief abandoned on the street at birth, just wants to save his dying foster mother. But first, he must survive the most dangerous heist of his life: snatching a magic artifact with mirac...

  • Mars Can't Die
    8.4K 1.2K 39

    Cursed with immortality, Mars goes on a journey with his lifelong more-than-friends partner Astral, a painfully average future-seeing mage, to find the root of magic, in an effort to ease the side effects of Astral's visions - and to finish their thesis so they can graduate from college. *** Mars can't die. He was cu...

    Completed   Mature