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  • My Short Stories
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    A book in which I write random short stories, mainly fanstasy, sci-fi and Dystopian. Includes: Secret of the Forest Prison Break The First Painter ... And more to come! (Hopefully) Please excuse the bad spelling/grammar/writing skills/plot, as this is just random stuff I write and I am not an experienced writer. Thank...

  • Spirit Animals Fan-Fics (SAtgfb)
    132 8 1

    This book is a part of a contest called The Greencloak Fun Base, created by @SpiritAnimalsErdas Go check it out and join! This book will have all different short Fan-Fics, check the table of contents to see all the stories! Ships this book contains: Reilin (Meilin x Rollan) Coneke (Conor x Abeke) Shanbeke (Shane x A...

  • The Elementals
    141 12 4

    New Elementals are being chosen. The Entia have to find them before humans realize there are people withe powers. A powerful force will try to destroy the elementals before they learn and control their powers. Who will find them first? Will the world stay peaceful, or be plunged into a catastrophe? I thank @Griff-Fan...