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  • 5:13 am | Tae.kook.
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    (16+) Jungkook sits up in bed and looks at his alarm clock. It's 5:13 am again. He bites his lip in concern. Here we go again. |Taekook|

  • In Front Of You - Jikook
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    "O-one Ca-cappuccino please..." Jungkook stuttered shyly, a soft blush rose up to his nose and cheeks. Jimin can't help but stare and smile at the cute boy "Cappuccino, it is. then! Coming right up! What's your name sir?" "Jungkook" "Ah okay then... I'm Jimin. Nice to meet you!" (Fluff Jikook! Preferable to read to b...

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    ❝ why are you touching me? ❞ Jeon Jeongguk happens to live next to his college's it-couple, but what happens when their perfectly aligned windows reveal more than just their homes? a vkook fanfiction.

  • it's complicated » vminkook[✔]
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    [completed] see, taehyung likes jimin but not in that way, but jimin likes jungkook in more than just one way, and jungkook likes taehyung a certain way but not the way he likes jimin, and jimin likes taehyung, but taehyung likes jungkook with a passion. you could say it's quite complicated. ••• copyright © ash (phoen...

  • Driving Teacher | kv ✓
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    Two idiots, one car and long lessons under starry nights. What could go wrong? Oh, but they fall in love. a taekook fanfiction top!kook bottom!tae © joy august 2018

    Completed   Mature