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  • The Reverend's Daughter (Book 2 after The Duke's Daughter)
    1.3M 61.1K 134

    Violet Petals has found a maid that touches his heart. Charming, funny, and extraordinarily handsome, the pirate takes Betsy on an adventure that she could never have imagined. There is much more to Violet Petals than meets the eye. Find out Violet's secret, as Betsy confirms she made the right choice in choosing to s...

  • Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu: Doom Dimension #3
    589 23 9

    If you liked the first two books of this series than you'll love this final one. This book will answer all the questions of our hero's hidden past; even the secrets she does not know: Who is Trish really? Who was her mother? and Who is her father? And who will come out alive after the Doom Dimension.

  • Make Me a Promise...Never Speak to Me Again....And Love Me Forever
    36 2 1

    She couldn't get her mind off it's gone. A brief argument sets flames sparking between the once love-bound friends Kristeen and Duncan. Could the rift between the two be mended or will she finally leave her home town for a second dream?

  • Uncharted Island
    77 6 11

    A horrible shipwreck causes three friends--Peter, Riley, Heidi, and Mary--to barely escape with their lives; and after seeing those sickening deaths of the passengers and crew, they just want to get home. But when they land on an island that is not even on the map, things start to go from bad to worse. The friends...

  • 7 Miracles of the World
    428 31 8

    There are 7 Wonders of the World, but here I put together just 7 of some of my favorite, amazing miracles. These stories, told by me, will be straight from the Bible with my own thoughts on what might have happened.

  • The Test Of Faith
    59.2K 2.4K 38

    The Preachers Daughter. That was Angel Storm but unlike some wild daughters out there she was happy with her life, why wouldn't she be? She had God on her side, an amazing church loving boyfriend and best friend everything was perfect. That's when God starts to test your faith. Forced to move and leave her precious ho...

  • Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu: Troubling Times #2
    1.5K 39 9

    Back in Ninjago again, our dear friend Trish is brought to the reality that she has a destiny to fulfill and with a new enemy as well. The ninja must prepare her but can they do it all in time to save Ninjago, or will our friends find themselves in more trouble than we ever imagined? These troubling times are someth...

  • Ninjnago Masters of Spinjitzu: The Purple Ninja #1
    4.6K 127 10

    Ninjago has finally recovered from the Final Battle, but will the ninja be able to face another? Sensei Wu senses a new enemy arising and with his long kept secret he needs to tell the ninja about the fifth member of their team. They must travel far, far away to find the purple ninja, but can they beat the skeletons...

  • A Thousand Eyes: A Novel of Elizabeth I
    140K 2.3K 14

    1558. Elizabeth, the last of King Henry's heirs, is a traitor's daughter. Now, she is England's last hope. After five gruesome years, Bloody Mary is on her deathbed. She lives her sister Elizabeth a daunting inheritance: the throne of England. The bishops will not anoint a heretic. A foreign queen plots for the throne...

  • Captured by the Enemy
    192K 6K 23

    Nadie is an Algonquin Indian living with her father in her peaceful village. When one night there is a raid by the Mohawks. Suddenly, she is thrown into an intense world of competition. In a society where women hold some power, how will she wield it? Will she learn to be accepted by her captors or try and make her esc...

  • Traveling with Poetry
    523 51 24

    These poems and songs have all kinds of different topics of my own creation. I have fun writing them and it expands my imagination. They are of all different kinds of genres and of different styles; so I hope you like them.