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  • SHOUT - Adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda
    19.4K 486 67

    "Sometimes I think the universe sets certain people out into the world like gifts meant for others, people whose purpose is to save someone else. That's how I think of families. And if the universe couldn't do me that favor, couldn't put someone on this earth to save me, then maybe my purpose is to find someone who wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not Throwing Away My One Shots
    82 7 1

    This will be a collection of one-shots from all my story universes. Open to requests. I will not be updating this regularly - just when inspiration hits me. Apologies for the cheesy title.

  • The HAMILTON Club
    752 147 20

    Join us! We're telling his story!

  • "Why Do You Love Me?" [John Laurens x Reader]{Book One}[COMPLETED]
    388K 11.7K 112

    [Y/N], twin sister of the bastard, orphan himself, finds herself in love with his best friend Lmao let's just say this was serious at one point. Now I just fuck around with it. -I do not own Hamilton, or you- Obviously, I will not make this historically accurate, for the sake of your feels and mine

  • Why Do You Love Me?(John Laurens X Reader) {Book 2}[DISCONTINUED]
    22K 695 36

    [Y/N] is basically have an existential crisis this entire book. But idk. *book was partially written by @Hamilton_fan12 I'm bad at descriptions. Lmao let's just say this was serious at one point, now I just fuck around with it. -I don't own Hamilton or you- I do own the storyline though, and it's fucked. It's obvio...

  • Freedom- John Laurens x Reader
    19.5K 290 52

    (COMPLETED) You(reader) are the daughter of King George III and you are forced by him to join his army against the blue coats. But you don't want to... you hate your father, his rules, and the red coats. You manage to escape one night...but was caught by Alex and Laf. You tell them about your life, and end up becom...

    Completed   Mature
  • One of Those Rubbish Brits. [Alexander Hamilton X Reader][COMPLETED]
    104K 3.2K 58

    [Y/N], Daughter of King George III, who got sent to America for unspecified reasons. Sent with many guards, many people hate her. But can someone like her to the point of loving her? Well one man can, one very important man. This one is more serious than my other books, but I still fuck around with it. -I don't own H...

  • Out of all the guys, I had to choose him(Philip Hamilton x Reader)
    19.6K 415 37

    (First story so might be bad) Your Father is the one and only Thomas Jefferson and the guy you like is Philip Hamilton, the son of your father's enemy. You are supposed to hate Philip, but you can't help but fall for him. Will you be together? You'll have to read it and find out. None of these characters belong to me...

  • She's A Burr {Philip Hamilton x Reader COMPLETED} #Wattys2017
    107K 2.8K 25

    "Yeah you'll blow us all away someday someday~" Y/n Was The daughter of Aaron burr The founding Father who Shot Hamilton. She was The Kid who was known as a 'lover or the British' She's always been bullied about it and No one dared to help her. "Leave her alone!" the boy who helped her. The boy who cared for her was...

  • Time Traveler || Philip Hamilton x Reader || Hamilton
    221K 6.6K 72

    "That doesn't look like a math book," "Huh...that's funny. There's no title." I opened up the book and thumbed through its yellowed pages. They're....empty? Suddenly, the pages began to glow. Artwork is not mine. It belongs to Kotik.

  • Back to the Future || Philip Hamilton x Reader || Hamilton
    147K 5.9K 95

    The sequel to Time Traveler || Philip Hamilton x Reader. "No." No. No. No. No. No. I have to get back. ~Go read Book One if you haven't yet!~ Cover art by Ziksua, Emirichu, and Jasmin McPines

  • A Reynolds Daughter
    4K 166 13

    Just read the book 😂 It's a Philip Hamilton x reader!

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader || Say No To This
    33.4K 791 31

    Y/N moved to New York City to follow her dreams as a professional dancer, when she gets hired to choreograph and be an ensemble member for Hamilton! Her dreams are coming true, the only thing she seems to be missing is someone to love. That all might change though when she finds out the star of the show is crushing on...

  • Summer - Adopted by Daveed Diggs Fanfic
    14.4K 293 36

    Summer is in the foster care system and hates it a lot.She tries to run away but always ends up back at the place she hates the most. Every family she stayed with were all nice to her, but always ended up giving her back and said she was too 'Hard' to take care of. Every time a family brings her back, she feels less a...

  • The book of Peggy
    16.9K 498 71

    Don't even fucken ask

  • A Mind At Work (DISCONTINUED)
    567 83 16

    A lot of my friends and I as Hamilton characters. Discontinued for now.

  • The Wannabe Of New York City
    1.2K 52 22

    Kelly-Louise Hamilton is a young girl who recently graduated from Juilliard. She has no idea what her future has in store for her. But her mother has big plans for her daughter. An old college friend of Kelly's Mom, Vanessa Nadal, agrees to help Kelly with her career and so Kelly meets her all time favorite actor and...

  • Through A Window // Adopted by Janthony
    1.6K 44 13

    Samantha also known as Sami has lived in the first private orphanage in New York city (the one Eliza built) for 6 years and no one wants to adopt me. She came across the musical Hamilton and became obsessed with it and ended up shipping Janthony soooooo much!

  • Forever and Ever (Adopted by Janthony)
    705 38 4

    Lizzy has spent her whole life moving from foster-family to foster-family, never staying long enough to find a true home. When the fifteen-year-old girl has finally had enough of the abusive Jones family, she runs away. Her plans are ruined when a couple finds her, and won't let her go on alone. Alternate ending to We...

  • Adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda
    5.3K 63 25

    Midge Jorbyn is eleven years old, living with her evil foster dad Joffrey. Everything seems fine from the outside, but she walks to school with the lunch she packed. Nobody knows what she's holdin' back. Wearin' the same dress she wore yesterday, she hides the bruises with linen and lace. The teacher wonders but she d...

  • Adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda
    23K 383 45

    13 year old Lily was placed in foster care when she was 7. She has been through abusive home after abusive home. All she ever wanted was to be in a forever home. One day she was at the grocery store and she bumped into a man named Lin Manuel Miranda. Her life has been changed ever since.

  • Lin Manuel Miranda's Daughter
    2.2K 36 7

    Lin gets an unknown call, when he answers it it's his ex from 16 years ago. Imagine his surprise when she tells him she got pregnant. Now Lin has to deal with the stress of a 3 year old, a newborn, his teenage daughter he's never met, and Hamilton Follow his journey to see what happens. DISCLAIMERS: It is present...

  • Saved - Janthony - Complete
    40.8K 1.2K 166

    When the then twenty six year old Jasmine walked into her first Hamilton rehearsal, she was almost convinced it was her last. She had secrets, as all of us do, but one of hers was particularly life threatening. It was her rationship. She didn't think she'd ever escape it, but then again, she didn't believe in soulmate...

  • Son of Lin Manuel Miranda
    6.7K 221 20

    Sebastian Miranda is the son of Lin Manuel Miranda the creator of Hamilton, in the heights and so much more for his father busy life makes him think that he doesn't love him or pay attention to him that much anymore and loves him little sister winter more how will Sebastian come over though this lets find out. Edite...

  • Meant To Be||Lippa❤️️
    47.1K 1.5K 59

    When Lin-Manuel Miranda sees Phillipa Soo on her current show, 'Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812,' All he thinks about is her. Having a wife and everything, Lin hesitates from the thoughts that he may have a tiny crush developing on this, Phillipa Soo. A Lippa Fan fiction :)

  • Wait For It | a Hamilton fanfiction | wattys 2017
    87.7K 5.9K 189

    When Phillipa Soo gets a call from Lin Manuel Miranda asking her to star alongside him once more in the International Tour of Hamilton, it's an offer she can't refuse. She agrees. Once again, Pippa finds herself onstage with some of her best friends. But it doesn't feel quite right without Renee. Instead, Pippa finds...

  • Lippa One Shots
    14.1K 425 28

    Just your casual Lin Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo one shots.... No regrets.

  • Perfectly Imperfect | Lippa
    44.5K 2K 52

    Phillipa Soo and Lin-Manuel Miranda may be two completely different people with separate lives, but they happen to play husband and wife on 'Hamilton: An American Musical.' They thought that they would never be romantically attracted to each other, but what happens when one small flash of a camera draws them closer th...

  • Lippa
    19.3K 588 22

    Lin and Phillipa fanfic

  • This One's Mine // A Lippa Fanfic
    8.2K 300 24

    Lin is now devastated, after his wife divorces him. (Lins child will not exists in this story) Phillipa tried to comfort him and help him out in any way she can, but finds her own trouble when her fiancé, Steven, suspects her of cheating. (( Sorry I'm very bad at summaries )) [W A R N I N G: This will contain swearing...

    Completed   Mature