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  • Only Heart *Chris Evans*
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    " my girlfriend." Chris swallowed nervously. "Really?" Laney slid her hands over his chest and then under her chin propping it up, so she could look him in the eyes. He nodded pulling his baseball cap low to his eyes. "I mean I know that we have wild schedules and things won't always be easy, but I've been cr...

  • » INTO YOU ( chris evans. ) ✓
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    *Johnny Storm Love Story*

  • Who You Are Today
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    Vera has always felt different from her family not only from looks from personality. She's kept the secret of her knowing about her adoption for six months, When things finally start to unravel even more things come to surface. To Vera it seems like the one good thing that's happening is her longtime crush Levi who is...

  • Strange Love ▻ Sebastian Stan [on-hold]
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    ❝They think I'm insane, they think my lover is strange❞ @Username: why is Chris so protective of Emily? @anthonymackie: @Username maybe because his bestfriend is fucking his sister @Emily_Evans: @anthonymackie can you not? - [Mostly social media] [used to be called Forever]

  • MEANT TO BE [s. stan]
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    When two Hollywood stars (Marbella Kelsey James and Sebastian Stan) are too afraid to admit their true feelings. Both working for Marvel and befriending the biggest names in the cinematic world, it's difficult to ignore their feelings for each other much longer. SOCIAL MEDIA FANFICTION Disclaimer: I do not own any of...

  • I Know (EXO Sehun & EXID Junghwa)
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    'I know that it's never going to happen,but why do I keep these lingering feelings for you?' -EXID, I Know. - Meet Park Junghwa, an idol who's dreams came true after the fancam of one of her members went viral, making EXID as famous as ever. Being famous between idols means having more and more confessions from male i...

  • It's Okay ▷ Jungkook & Jeonghwa | BTSxEXID |
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    | I meet her eyes. None of us look away this time and just before the advertisements finish and the film starts, I can hear Jeonghwa murmur to me. ''It's okay.'' | ©Abracadabrante. [A BTS and EXID fanfiction, focused on Jungkook and Jeonghwa.]

  • Beauty And The Beast | Chanyeol
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    Chanyeol was determined to make her his, after Jung Hwa got a phone call that her mother was in an accident. Chanyeol being the devious person he is, he said he would pay for the surgery but in return she had to be "his." Will Jung Hwa accept? | Started June 16th,2014. |

  • regret. ║ wonhye
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    "Isn't it funny? We had that same conversation a year ago. Back when I thought for sure you were the one for me and believed I was for you. Back when everything was real. When it was not a frickin' skit." Inspired by Star Show 360 Seventeen episode! Go check it out!

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    "Do not cage me," she once warned him. He felt her soft hair, the shape of her cheeks and sharp cheekbones, the sweet smell of her. She would not let him touch her for a long time after this. "If a dragon is caged too long," she told him, "the more savage it will become." Savage was better than dead. ...

    Completed   Mature
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    𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐋, in which she catches the eye of a king

  • Over Again ➳ Hayes Grier and Shawn Mendes (Sequel of 'Unexpected')
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    “No Hayes. We can’t get over this. I don’t think you have any idea how much it hurts to have the one person you want more than anything in the world tell you they don’t want you. It feels like your heart is being ripped out of your chest. I hate that I’m in love with you and you don’t feel the same way.” ~Sequel of Un...

  • Accidentally Falling ➤ Narnia
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    [Narnia AU] When sixteen year old Susan Pevensie enters the magical land of Narnia, she receives a prophecy that will not only change her life but will also test her bravery and faith. But she embraces it with no problem. Having the fate of the whole country in her shoulders? Sure, she can handle it. No pressure. But...