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  • A Rose From The Shadows (RWBY x OC)
    1.8K 37 18

    The first book in a series of books featuring Shadow, it all started with one bad week, leading to years of experiments on him, eventually, he got out found some friends old and new. (If you want a stand-alone for Shadow just let me know)

  • We Are Legion! (Legion Killer x RWBY
    1.2K 40 11

    You've gone from foster home to foster home, until you met a girl, though things got hectic from there, you make friends, though things may get bloody in the land of Vale. Especially, with you four being enrolled into Beacon, the world is gonna have to keep an eye on you four, or will the message spread? (I DO NOT OWN...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jokes On You (Joker! Male Reader x RWBY x MHA)
    6K 91 12

    An ordinary, Beacon student is bullied by everyone, so he goes back home to see his late psychotic twin brother left him a present, but of course, all it takes is one bad day. (I DON'T OWN RWBY OR DC, OR THEIR CHARACTERS or cover art)

    Completed   Mature
  • Fear It's A Gas (Scarecrow Male Reader x RWBY/MHA)
    1.8K 31 9

    Bullied and abused, (Y/N) was terrified of everyone and everything especially scarecrows, everyone called him weak, and afraid, his father drank, his mother thought he was a demon child. Until he met a nice girl, life was finally good he thought until he caught her cheating on him. It was then he snapped and realized...

  • The Bane of Heroes (Bane Male Reader x RWBY/MHA)
    908 5 6

    A lonely kid born in a prison for his father's crimes, then put through a super soldier experiment, he escaped his old life. Now known only as 'Bane' he searches for a place to conquer and Vale looks like a fine place to start. (I DO NOT OWN RWBY OR DC AND THEIR CHARACTERS)

  • Riddle Me This! (Riddler! Male Reader x RWBY/MHA)
    2.9K 37 7

    (This does not take place in the Joker and Scarecrow shared universe) (Y/N) is an orphan who's studied all his life, and loves riddles, Ozpin considers him as his successor. That is until he discovers that (Y/N) has been working with Roman Torchwick. He is then expelled, leaving him ridiculed and demeaned by his forme...

  • The Bat Of Worlds (Batman Male Reader x RWBY)
    1.5K 36 7

    (Y/N) a mysterious billionaire enters Beacon and joins Team JNPR, by day he's just your average rich person who wants to become a hunter. By night he becomes the hero this city needs but not the one it deserves right now. For now, all he knows is that someone is behind this wave of crime, and he's keeping an eye on Te...

  • Venom of Heroes (MHA X Venom! OC) || My Hero Academia
    1.2K 16 13

    Shadow left Remnant for a more Earthly place now taking classes at UA Academy. Along with his at first new spider abilities, later the alien parasite within him, as he tries to get used to having these powers alongside his new best friend named Midoriya. (I DO NOT OWN MY HERO ACADEMIA OR ITS CHARACTERS)

    Completed   Mature
  • Shadow Hero (BNHA x OC)
    352 27 13

    After Shadow's new take on life, he's going beyond the needs of his companion Venom. His strength returning, will things ever be the same? (Sorry if it seems random, it's a series of stories around my OC, they are supposed to be read in a certain order) (I DON'T OWN MHA/BNHA OR ITS CHARACTERS)