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  • Chérie
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    🔞 His gaze... In the impenetrable croud of people, his gaze burned her. He titled his head to a side, his lips holding a smirk. And then he was gone in a blink of eye. "Chérie" Startled, she looked at him standing by her side. He swiped his tongue over his cherry plump lips as he looked her lips. "Shall we kiss?"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Home
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    Home isn't a place. It's a feeling... A feeling where you feel comfortable and safe... where you feel you. He is my home. A dystopian world in which AI robots turns against humans.

  • The Umbrella
    1.6K 159 13

    Everytime when it rains, I see him at the beach. The dimple smile of his, fills my heart with warmth. I smile, unconsciously everytime I look at him. Until one day he didn't show up...

  • Scars
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    "The scars you left on me..." "They are so fucking beautiful" When highschool sweet hearts Jimin and Byeol work through thick and thin to be together. Overcoming their hardships and working out their young love, it isn't easy. The distance between them streches when Jimin leaves without any goodbye and emerges as on...

  • Sinner
    20.9K 1.1K 25

    Is it a crime to fall for a man who has already been claimed? When Joanne finds a job as a maid in Jungkook's mansion, it's all fine. She thinks it's harmless to fantasize about a man who is married as long as it doesn't go overboard. But when she finds a picture of his wedding day, the whole world spins around when...

  • Park Jimin
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    He was fine as wine when I looked at him from afar....

    Completed   Mature