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  • The Wildcard
    906K 32.1K 34

    When Jodie moved to the big city with her best friend after years of sexual abuse from her older brother, she thinks things are looking up when she gets one of the best PR jobs in London. Deciding to celebrate, she goes out for one last wild night with her best friend Ryan to the biggest and most notorious casino in t...

    Completed   Mature
  • In the land of Dysfunctional Flowers (EDITING)
    1K 129 22

    Michelle Wyatt has been homeschooled her entire life. There is nothing she likes better than being alone and watching Netflix, but soon after her 18th birthday things starts to change. Michelle must keep these changes a secret while meeting new people and having adventures she'd never thought she would have, but her b...

  • Miss Understood
    331K 12.7K 15

    Miss Understood.. Get it? Ever been in a room full of people but still feel by yourself? Story of Harmony's life from age eight until. Harmony lost her mother at age eight due to a house fire. After Harmony's dad getting re-married to Davida Harmony's life instantly came tumbling down. Harmony has a passion for art bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Be Real With Me [ COMPLETED ]
    391K 13K 28

    Diamond and Tyler are back.. College style! The two are at different colleges, 12 hours away. They are both determined to work out a long distance relationship out. Diamond is driving towards her goal to be a nurse and Tyler, well he is working towards getting into the NFL. Secrets will be kept, Lies will be made, and...

  • The Trapped Ones.
    421K 18.2K 28

    What becomes of you when now you are just a debt paid off? What does this make you? No one? Nothing special? Why would the person you care the most about sell you off just for another high? Those are all of the questions that consume Raina's head. A twenty two year old single mother that's been collected as a debt. He...

    Completed   Mature