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  • Book 2: Never Letting Go Staying Strong
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    *SECOND BOOK TO 'TITANIC BREAKING FREE MAKING IT COUNT* 2/3 This is sequel to Book 1: (Titanic Fanfiction) Breaking Free Making It Count. So if you haven't read the first one I kinda suggest you do. But that's ok if your lazy and want to skip it all. It's kinda understandable. And it's fairly easy to catch up cause...

  • Book 1: Breaking Free Making It Count (Titanic Fanfiction)
    23.4K 655 44

    This story is based off the movie titanic except that JACK AND ROSE ARE BOTH ALIVE!!! *book 1 out of 3* The fanfiction starts on the ship Capertina when Rose and Jack both get rescued and both seen by doctors. Then it continues on from when they dock in New York to start their new lives together. But what will happen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine
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    Kate and Leo. Jack and Rose. April and Frank. They say their relationship is platonic, but is it? They love each other, they've been best friends for more than 20 years. Leo is afraid of falling in love, always dating models half his age. Kate is scared of being with the wrong one again. What will happen when they dis...