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  • Wonder Writers Book Club [CLOSED]
    33.6K 2.2K 56

    « More than 200 active members » Every writer is a warrior. Are you an undiscovered writer who sacrificed everything to expose your work? You've done the Read for Read deal, yet you don't feel like anyone is reading your work, despite that high number of reads glowing beside your book? Then you've bumped into the righ...

  • Wonderland Book Club [OPEN]
    8.2K 622 66

    If your reality is different and if you're entirely bonkers, you are more than welcome to join our tea parties in Wonderland! This is a book club in which no one criticises you for writing the impossible, because sometimes we've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast! To all Cheshire cats, Mad Ha...

  • The Rebel Elite - Book Club
    111K 2.1K 82

    Welcome to Rebel Town, where all them outlaws cause this uproar. If you tend to stir up trouble, welcome, we like them wanted! Currently recruiting, become a rebel and join in the riot! This is a place to be free, to express and to inspire. The main goal here is to support each other in all and any endeavors, be it...