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  • The Replacement
    133K 8.6K 41

    A story based on the characters of Indian TV series Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Not related to the series, so can be read as an independent story too. Arnav and Lavanya are engaged to be married, but when Lavanya elopes, all hell breaks loose, and Khushi, her best friend, has to pay the price. Khushi is harboring a se...

  • Dhadkan Ki Tez (COMPLETED)
    218K 12.1K 38

    An ArShi story I wrote in 2012 as a teenager (apologies in advance for it being crappy lol), inspired by the arnav-kidnapping-then-returns-home track NOTE: this fanfic follows the show's story from the beginning all the way until Khushi rescues Arnav from Shyam, the fanfic starts after that

    Completed   Mature
    197K 12.4K 81

    I wont's write much about this story because I want you to enjoy Arnav's and Khushi's journey. So there is no description and no insigt in the story, except: **Warning - HEARTLESS PRINCE is a dark romance. A really dark one. So dark that could trigger emotional distress. There are also some sex scenes involved. This s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Incandescent
    78.2K 3.4K 27

    Khushi Kumari Gupta and Arnav Singh Raizada have nothing in common between them - except the mutual passion from the moment their eyes met. Unable to resist, they embark on a relationship with each other knowing clearly that each has different expectations from it. #2 arnavsinghraizada - 2021/02/18 This is a fanficti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love is Arshi - Completed
    190K 7.2K 30

    Story starts after Holi scene. Arnav forcefully gets married to Khushi for 6 months and they consummate. The agreement says that she must be a virgin when she returns home. What will happen after that?

  • Hate To Love You
    182K 10.9K 62

    Khushi Gupta ends up at the Raizada Office to meet Arnav Raizada and confess a truth that might shatter him, but because of a misunderstanding, she ends up landing a job as his assistant. Will Khushi be able to tell him the truth or will things get more complicated? Read on to know more.

  • Rewrite The Stars ⭐🌟💫✨. ✔✔✔
    317K 17.5K 43

    They say the our destiny is written in the stars. But what if their love was real but were separated by ego, pride and misunderstanding. Can their failed love story be blamed on the faults in their stars?. Or can they rewrite the stars. This story starts from when Khushi found out about Shyam's truth. They will b...

  • MINE
    202K 13.8K 61

    Having grown up in an orthodox Indian family that takes pleasure in controlling the lives of every woman in their family, Arnav has sworn never to be like them. That is until Khushi walks into his life and changes everything. He falls head over heels in love with her just to realize, deep down he has become like his f...

  • accidental husband (complete)
    149K 6.8K 22

    Highest rank #171/19-5-2018 Ok,ay I don't really know how to give e description for the story so let's try in a basic simple way. This is an arshi story well you all know that, just give it a try

  • Desert Rose
    86K 4.8K 27

    When Khushi's sister Payal announces that she is pregnant and that she is unable to reach the baby's father, Khushi takes Payal and embarks on a journey from Delhi to Raisar in Rajasthan. There she meets Arnav Singh Raizada, the devastatingly handsome older brother of the man who is responsible for her sister's proble...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arshi ff: HIS LOVE HIS PRIDE
    582K 27.2K 89

    Arshi ff. Not show based one peep in to know more. This work solely belongs to med writer Arshiipkknd I am just proof reading. so the entire credit goes to her. any work similar to this is purely coincidence. cover credit: Arshiipkknd

  • arshi : You are only mine(completed)
    208K 8.5K 61

    I'm very very big fan of arshi In this story arnav and khushi are known each other from childhood .Arnav is very protective about his khushi .He is very possesive about khushi.

    62.2K 2.6K 24

    A heart broken man (Arnav) finds his life too hard to live without a girl who took his heart away (Khushi), but at the same time he hates her.. why?

  • The Heart Hacker!! - (COMPLETED)
    173K 12.8K 61

    This is story where ASR is famous as a Heart Hacker, he's very much popular in girls. where as Khushi is Dangerous. Five friends in ASR team, they are famous as Hackers and where as in Khushi's team five friends famous as Dangerous Divas. how these two tackle with each other?? this is what the journey is........

    Completed   Mature
  • Ehsaas Tere Pyar Ka - (COMPLETED)
    502K 32.5K 80

    This story revolves around Arnav and Khushi. Arnav's love towards his sister is so strong that, he take a decision which makes everyone surprised. The journey of Arshi here you just feel. No words required for them.

    Completed   Mature
  • To Love or Not To Love
    450K 24.9K 67

    Khushi Kumari Gupta is a small-town girl who is content with her life and happy finding the small joys life has to offer her. A chance encounter with a fashion mogul turns her life upside down leaving her to question her values, faith, and destiny. Business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't like hearing the word no...

  • BEYOND DESIRE- (Completed)
    227K 10.7K 28

    She is not just his Desire anymore- she is his desire, insanity, attraction, passion, obsession, his demand to control her life, his desperate need to possess her. It is way BEYOND DESIRE... It's not a continuation of the show, just a fanfic...So, if you have not watched the show at all, it doesn't matter...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arshi SS- The Moment Of Truth.
    147K 7.8K 18

    Garima Gupta, a mother to her and a sinner to his mother's suffering!!

  • FAMILY SECRETS (Completed)
    296K 16.2K 34

    it's an arshi story different from the original, here arnav and khushi meet at work and they fall in love and got married and also arnav and anjali's parents are still alive

  • Silentwala Love ~ Feel the Feeling (COMPLETED)
    168K 9.5K 31

    Hey guys, I wrote this as two shots Story before and posted. I received lot of appreciation for this in FB and wattpad. Many readers requested me to write this as a short story. So here I am updating this new stories. Story line is different but the concept is same. Kindly support me and give your valuable feedback of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Second Love and Marriage 1( Slow Updates)
    431K 25.6K 43

    He loves her a lot but she hates him a lot.. Both are tied into a relation called marriage.. Will she ever able to love him ?? What is the reason for her hatred ?? How the future is going to be for them

  • Love of Modern Hearts
    380K 19.7K 53

    Is being traditional means they value relationships more? Or being modern means they don't? Love is something that is connected with the hearts, right? So how can money, status, religion or beliefs can alter it? But still, there are people who believe the contrary. Now come let us see who is going to win, Mr. Arnav...

    Completed   Mature
    73.1K 2.2K 26

    What if you fell in love with your cousin elder brother ? Will the society accept it?

  • Arshi ss : His Second Love
    149K 6.5K 26

    Khushi Singh Raizada the pampered daughter cum in law of Arvind Raizada and Ratna Raizada, best friend of her sister in law of Anjali Singh Raizada, and lovely granddaughter in law of Devyani Raizada.... Khushi Singh Raizada has been pampered and loved by her in-laws and her own family.... But she never got the same l...

  • My Angel (Competed) √
    244K 13.7K 30

    One who gives more importance to Money rather than relations and the one who gives Relations more importance than money...... How Kushi becomes an angel in Arnav's life wanna know then surely u have to peep in.... Planning to write as SS.... Let's c.....

  • BETREYAL(Completed)
    190K 9.5K 26

    It's about betreyal, love and relationship as well as revenge

    373K 15.7K 36

    Story revolves around a arrogant business man and his PA.. They are married under some circumstances but he is not ready to accept her as his wife or profuse his love for her because he thinks he can make his own destiny. she is waiting for him to confess his love just being a dutiful wife. Will their love bloom , wil...

    Completed   Mature
    371K 18.7K 41

    This story is about Arnav and Khushi who were forced to marry each other because of Khushi's father. But as she marry him, she discovers that this family is not a normal one, there is a lot of mystery and fake people here who are behind Arnav's property. Will she save him? Or let things go the way they are? Will both...

    73K 3.7K 43

    They wished to never meet again to soothe their burning hearts. They pined to meet atleast once again to soothe their depressed hearts. Phir Se... This is a story about two star crossed lovers Arnav and Khushi, who as fate had it got separated for each other's good and thus never got the opportunity to express their...

  • Love Me Will You Be?(Complete)
    312K 17.3K 115

    Fan-Ficton -----Love me will you be?----- Prologue Love me for what i am, Not for what i am offering you. Give me my identity and i will give you my unconditional love. Give me which is mine i will give you what is yours. Except my soul and give me your. How could i love which is not mine I cnt. How coul...