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  • means nothing • georgenotfound
    607K 19.5K 25

    "I mean, we could always just try a kiss out since we never have before?" "George..." "Come on, it means nothing. Just trying it out. And it'll lead to nothing." Where messing around confuses the fuck out of George and Milana. * * * fem!oc x georgenotfound mature language

  • linger • georgenotfound
    1M 32.6K 27

    "You... You linger." "Linger?" "Your words, your touch. I hear and feel them after they're gone. You linger and stick around in my head." Where Soren and George's hatred for each other slowly morphs into something a little different. * * * georgenotfound x fem oc mature language

  • pretty boy swag • karl jacobs
    1.3M 41.8K 24

    "I love you so much, pretty boy," the words probably sound gross from the crying and the muffling from his sweater, "You and your pretty boy swag." "Just couldn't go without cracking a joke, huh?" "That wasn't a joke. That was the truth." Where Evren and Karl hit it off and stick together for quite the ride. * * * kar...