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  • Tadpoles
    42 2 1

    Boyd has nothing in common with his neighbor Gia, but decides to help her out with her studies anyway. Does friendship only work if you both like the same hobbies, or is there a little give and take in EVERY relationship? . . . (Cover image:

  • As Cold As
    2.5K 145 1

    Elizabeth is a girl of few words. She is a figure skater who lives in a quiet house. Daniel is a boy of many words. Every day, he shovels Elizabeth's pond to make an ice skating rink. Every day she pays him ten dollars. Every day she says "thank you" and not much else. Every day Daniel tries to understand her a little...

  • COMMON ROOM: A Short Story Anthology
    4.4K 202 16

    Welcome to COMMON ROOM: A Short Story Anthology, written by Wattpad teen writers and edited by the Freshman Fifteens When the Freshman Fifteens formed in 2013, we wanted to share the journey of being a debut author with one another. As time went on, we experienced the generosity--and help--of established authors in th...

  • A Happy Mess | a PURSUIT OF MERRIMENT story
    206 20 4

    ** A sequel to The Pursuit of Merriment ** Last Christmas, Lydia Wilton decided to surprise the Kingston brothers by trying to make their holiday a little brighter. What began as a simple not-so-secret Santa plan turned into friendship. And maybe something more... Valentine's Day is a few days away and Merritt Kingsto...

  • A City in the Air (A Steampunk Adventure Novel)
    447K 2.6K 4

    **COMPLETE and edited novel is on my profile under CITY IN THE AIR*** Highest rank #1 Steampunk--- In the nation of Corshire, where inventors rule and magic is forbidden, the twin daughters of the country's highest ranking innovator are expected to follow in his magnificent footsteps. Except on act-first-think-later t...

  • Glitter | A Flash Fiction Story
    70 1 1

    Stuff like this didn't happen to him. * * * The arrival of a glittering girl with a habit of disappearing disrupts one guy's plans for a rainy evening spent at home. A flash fiction story under 800 words.

  • Short Stories
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    This is a collection of short stories I have written either from story prompts or just things my friend and I came up with. Enjoy! Cover not mine but photo edit is. 😊

  • The Pursuit of Merriment
    1.1K 111 14

    "I think they could use a bit of cheering up." "So what? You're going to play Santa Claus or something?" * * * Christmas has arrived in the small town of Belden. It's a time for cheer and giving, for sparkling lights and colorful bows, and all the traditions that make the holidays Lydia Wilton's favorite time of year...

  • A Girl & the Moon ~ A Fairytale
    84 6 9

    There once was a girl who was friends with the night... But then the night gets in trouble. The moon is gone. And a girl who loves the moon sets out to save it. She must face monsters. She must face doubt. She must face darkness without light. And yet, she knows she can prevail if she holds on tightly to that love (an...

  • A Tale of Two Boxes
    19 1 1

    Have you ever wondered what boxes (and books, and other inanimate objects) think while we're not listening? What would happen if two cardboard boxes went on an adventure? This is their story. (First posted on Tales From a Modern Bard for the Inanimate Objects Writing Challenge.) 5,000 word short story.

  • #HurtHansel
    54 2 5

    Will Hansel die?

  • Conversation
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    my paraphrase of the book of Ecclesiastes. hope and despair battle inside Solomon's head.

  • We Otter Do It
    67 8 1

    I'm a respectable young man and a magician, and nobody would believe me if I told them my life is tyrannized by an adorable otter. (500 word flash fiction, winner of the Fellowship of Fantasy "Mythical Doorways" Flash Fiction Writing Contest.)

  • Wintertale (A Short Story)
    104 7 1

    Banished from his own mansion, Kendric risks all by returning to see the woman he loves-when a man who is Kendric's brother in all but name discovers him. In a land breathing with magic and mystery, where snowflakes fall about a young man fleeing in the night from relentless pursuit . . . who is responsible for a murd...

  • Don't Jump In Puddles You Can't See The Bottom Of
    135 4 5

    Anika finds there is much more to puddle jumping than she previously thought when she accidentally jumps into a puddle that is actually a wormhole and is transported to an entirely different universe.

  • Dementophobia
    367 18 16

    Nevaeh escapes the drug cartels after discovering a secret that concerns the entire city of Antico. How can Regillion keep her safe from the drug lords on her tail and save his city at the same time?