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  • escapril;; poetry challenge
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    my entries on the poetry challenge launched by savannah brown

  • [SoonHoon] || Destiny ||
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    " Này, cậu đã từng nghe qua vụ án mạng ba năm về trước ở trường này chưa ? " " Có phải là vụ án mạng của một nam sinh khối 12 bị sát hại dã man ở phòng sinh hoạt câu lạc bộ nhảy cũ phải không ? Thật tội nghiệp, đến cái xác cũng không được toàn thây. Nếu tôi nhớ không nhầm, cậu nam sinh đó họ Kwon thì phải ... " • Yo...

  • pétale
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    "how do i say fuck you passive aggressively in flower?"

  • evanescence
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    wonwoo is losing himself to the beautiful man in his dreams.

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    " THE STARS ARE UP THERE BUT THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS RIGHT BEFORE ME " soonyoung likes to look at jihoon when he sleeps. not in a creepy way, though. he'll brush his thumb gently against his cheek because soonyoung thinks that jihoon deserves the world. and someday he hopes to give it to him. OR when soonyoung falls i...

  • all i wanted |soonhoon|
    6.3K 585 19

    soonyoung is in a toxic relationship in which jihoon teaches him how to love himself again and gives him all the things he's ever wanted. //lowercase intended//

  • elevator | soonhoon
    8.7K 714 12

    soonyoung and jihoon are awkward neighbors who now happens to be stuck together in an elevator

  • 「 simple ; lee jihoon 」
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    ❝ happiness exists like a phrase, a dream everyone wants. but i call you baby, and baby's called my happiness. ❞ a fictional story with a real mindset. his simple, yet intricately woven thinking-pinched by his flawed, yet beautiful lyrics.

  • a far cry ⠀➳ ⠀seventeen
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    "Okay, relax, relax. I was just playing. You two need to loosen up." Seungcheol grins, jogging after Wonwoo and leaving Joshua to follow. Jisoo eyes Seungcheol's bandages, seeing that they were already beginning to become soaked with blood - He sighs. Seungcheol didn't act like someone who had just killed a man at all...

  • say bye to me [soonhoon]
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    At 3pm, Jihoon wished that he was home. He had so many things left to do - Composing, reviewing lyrics from the Hip-Hop Team, recording, touch-ups for his latest song. That was his plan before Soonyoung asked him out for coffee. - // in which Jihoon drowns in his own foolishness. - [ warnings ] - angst - dark emotions...

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    "if you're telling me that you heard a clown laugh, i'm going to jump off that balcony," ©︎brosvt :: 2k16 clowns || seventeen started: 161005 published: 161005 finished: 161031 highest rank: #171 in horror

  • notes; xu minghao.
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    ❝thursday, 8:00 p. m. at the park. see you. ❞ ⠀⠀ ⠀IN WHICH HE HEALS HER AND IT ALL ⠀⠀ ⠀STARTED WITH HIS NOTES. ⠀⠀ ⠀「️ lowercase intended 」️ ⠀⠀ ⠀「️ status: ongoing 」️

  • grocery store. soonhoon
    4.1K 462 16

    soonyoung finds an oblivious customer and decides to tease the hell out of that short guy.

  • 『bittersweet』 》
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    》start date: May 19, 2018 highest rankings so far: #87 in "sickness" #372 in "seungkwan" #18 in "chwe" #51 in "boo" #342 in "jihoon"

  • parallel lines | + l.jh
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    what happens... when the possible love of your life leaves you and goes back to their home town? ---- what do you do when you can't accept the feelings you have for a certain someone back in a place you left?

  • psycho
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    mingyu + wonwoo

  • moon letters | poetry
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    words to reach you 080219 - rank #21 © 2017 all rights reserved. lunalit-