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  • Cybertronians and a Punk(A Transformers Prime FanFiction)
    6.6K 222 9

    HIGHEST RANK: 150 IN FANFICTION! Meet Sapphira Darby. Jack Darby's cousin. When she was little her parents were brutally murdered right in front of her. The killer went after her too, but the police managed to get to her before the killer could kill her...but they couldn't save all of her. She died that day and came b...

  • Frost (A transformers Bay-Verse FanFic)
    70.4K 2.1K 18

    Disclaimer-I don't own transformers. Only my OC's! The names Frost. I'm a foster kid. My story is boring as hell...or it was. It was, until I bought a Pontiac Solstice and my new foster brother got a yellow Camaro. Who would've thought that two cars would open the doors to the truth behind my existence, my bio family...

  • Metal Over Blood.
    75.1K 3K 45

    19 year old Senna Smith gets more than she bargains for when she buys a autobot car by the name of Bumblebee. But when he transforms in front of her, she's surprisingly open to it. Becoming an asset to the autobots and a loyal friend to them, she's become one of the gang. A human autobot, who'd of thought? But when ev...

  • Sparky And I:It All Begins
    225K 7.9K 28

    "When are you going to accept the fact that you're not normal?" Tanya Fey Wess is no where near being normal. In fact she's more on the..abnormal side. Ever since that day seven years ago when her parents abandoned her, her life has been upside down. She's trying to hide from a past, a past she wants to forget. But w...

  • Static Shift🔱(Avengers//Transformers//BumblebeexOc)
    52.4K 1.4K 27

    ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS GRANTED WELCOME SPENCER STARK The glow if the screen illuminates the bottom half of the woman's face. A smile rests on her face as she stares down at the words on the screen. She glanced back toward the door, listening to the commotion in t...

  • Love At First Sight
    19.6K 617 29

    Destiney is a normal teenage girl. Well she seems like it. But in reality she really isn't. When her aunt and uncle witwicky invite her over for summer vacation. After a while of being there a certain 2009 yellow camaro with black raceing stripes starts to have feelings for the young teenager. She also starts to devel...

  • Keep The SunnySide Up! ( TF Gen1 Fanfic )
    57.4K 2K 27

    Ari had a love for fixing up old cars, restoring them and selling them. It was one of the few ways to keep her home. When passing by a carlot, two 1984 Lamborghinis catch her eyes and for some reason she feels obligated not to buy one, but both......... To her surprise, she got more than she barganed for...... A/N Cau...

  • Katanas and Explosions
    428 26 5

    This is a TFP fanfic about Wheeljack's daughter. No one knows about this however, till she meets the Autobots. She goes to Jasper High School and lives with Jack Darby. He hair is blonde nearly white with red and green streaks in it. Her human name is Calypso but she has yet to learn about her Cybertronian side. She...

  • Scars Don't Heal - Transformers Prime (1)
    203K 6K 48

    Amanda Beckett liked being left alone. If she was alone, then there would be no one to leave her. Jack Darby just wanted out. Out of the small town of Jasper, out of school, out of all that he had. Miko Nakadai wanted an escape. An escape from the real world and ticket into something more. Rafael Esquivel didn't belo...

  • The Little Sparkling-TFP OC Fanfiction
    40.9K 745 18

    When an escape pod crashes on earth, the Autobots investigate the pod to find a Predacon Sparkling. What will they do, and who will care for it? (I DO NOT OWN TFP IN ANY WAY. I ONLY OWN MY OC, SKYLYNX.)

  • Optimus Prime Sparkmate
    14K 320 13

    "Despite being two opposite species, different in lifestyle, habits, and environment, some couples are like made for each other and they fit very well. But, once in a blue moon, everything happens when it's supposed to." New York City is known for its world-famous sites like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Buildin...

  • Counting Wounds
    3.9K 64 13

    Izzy Autumns is not your natural girl. She loves to learn about the human body and she loves anything mechanical. She also carried a medical kit around and wears a tool belt everyday since she can remember. Her tool belt contain a hammer, some nails, a screwdriver, and-her favorite-a wrench. But what doesn't fit in w...

  • Counting Symbols (A Transformers Story)
    41.4K 886 13

    What if Optimus Prime had a charge? And what if his little charge friend could read Ancient Cybotron writings? Well, he would have his hands full, without a doubt. Amanda Winters is an unusual girl, having to see these weird alien-like symbols at the age of 5. But her world becomes even stranger when she meets the Au...