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    Prince ommkara had a cute friendship with his childhood friend gauri who is his servant's granddaughter.... Due to the circumstances they separate in childhood... When prince ommkara return to his kingdom he didn't found his gauri.. There is a tragedy happened with her... Can Prince able to find his gauri... Can h...

  • ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood
    47.2K 4.8K 44

    ShivOmRu : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi. These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous and respected anymore. What happened ? The world knows but not the three innocent brothers. They don't know why suddenly their elders started running a...

  • Mein thumhaara.......❤️
    2.3K 219 10

    Love❤️..... Love❤️....and Love❤️..... Peep in to know more

  • Forever yours
    2.5K 334 11

    What will happen when The heart of the school Gauri kumari Sharma...the most beautiful and talented girl of the entire school....fells in love with the most wanted Munda...Omkara singh Oberoi the most smart inteligent but a little shy student.... Find it into the story!!!! Anu 😇😇

  • The Truth Untold
    2K 233 9

    When Oberoi and Sharma fix the marriage of Omkara and Gauri who donot like each other but there is a relation between Omkara and Gauri in their previous life and their story stay incompleted. Will Omkara and Gauri believe about their previous life? For knowing more just click the READ button😉.

  • The boss and his baby #ishqbaaaz
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    #6 IN FANFICTION !! (ON HOLD) A journey of two couples who meet as a boss and employees and end up being life partners ! (Here Baby means a slang word for their lady love )

  • Memories of our friendship- rikara ff [Completed❤✔]
    46.5K 3.8K 52

    it is a rikara story.

  • RiKara~It All Started With A Text Message (On Hold)
    12.5K 2.1K 38

    SEASON 1: THE PERSON WHO IRRITATES YOU THE MOST IS THE PERSON WHO LOVES YOU THE MOST BUT FAILS TO EXPRESS IT. Gauri Chaturvedi , a successful doctor is in love with the famous singer Omkara Oberoi since childhood and decides to contact him about her love through anonymous text messages irritating him to the core addre...

    242K 11K 98

    This book contains all types of jokes that I have read somewhere and some of them are made by me!!!

  • Stay With ME ❤ (*on Going*)
    1.7K 359 9

    Love can happen twice ❤ at times we may not need to search for love ,true love will find you by its own 💕 love will come in search of you 💖

    3K 355 4

    what happens when a girl falls in love with her bose! peep in to know more!

  • Dil Tujhpe Aa Gaya |
    5.8K 869 10

    Gauri- An 18 year- old nerdy, and Ambivert, lives life in unfavourable circumstnaces when suddenly she comes face to face with one of her nightmares unexpectedly at a party!!!! Will this party change her life forever??? What does fate have in store for Gauri ?? . . . . Elsewhere, A 25 year - old Omkara has his own...

  • My Reason to Live..
    48.8K 5.8K 56

    New story of rikara ..only for rikara .. Hope u will love..

  • Over A Cappucino ! *On Hold*
    1.5K 308 5

    Gauri Malhotra tiringly visits a nearby cafe to savour upon a Cappuccino, after having a maniac of a day at her office ! * * * * Whereas, a waiter Omkara Oberoi walks into the cafe for his nightshift ! ~ What does destiny have in store for these souls ?

  • Fated Soulmates [Completed] Under Slow Editing
    32.4K 144 3

    ############# Taken down for editing #############

  • Substitute
    125K 11.6K 82

    The story of Gauri Kumari Sharma become Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi .

  • We are strangers..... (Completed✔)
    8.3K 1K 8

    A short story on rikara. My after exam shots ?? #46 in short story.... #56 in short story.... #80 in short story.... #84 in short story.... #89 in short story..... #92 in short story....

  • My Cute Roommate
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    Omkara & Gauri have to share an apartment and complete their studies but what happens when they also have to pretend to newlyweds? Will they fall in love?

  • I Am Here For U..
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    its a different story from ishqbaaaz bt revolves around rikara..hope u will like this...

  • It started with a friend request... (Slow Updates)
    2.3K 281 4

    A rikara story.. but based on a real story

  • Accidentally married [✓]
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    A rikara story.....? #1 in #gaurika Rank #1 in gauri?? Rank #2 in gauri?? #74 in fanfiction...? #126 in fanfiction... #130 in fanfiction...