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  • The Chaos Awards 7!
    15.7K 1.1K 62

    Welcome to The Chaos Awards 7! This contest is designed to award Creativity, originality, and the authors behind the incredible stories! Feel free to enter your work, or sign up to judge! Please make sure you check out the rules beforehand though :) Thank you to: @tavanalee For creating this awesome cover!! <3

  • The Flavored Awards 2019 | CLOSED
    23.1K 872 28

    ❌ Closed ❌ "Spice Up The Plot! Sweeten the Mood! Savor The Moment!" Welcome back or welcome to The Flavored Awards 2019! The Flavored Awards is a writing competition held to acknowledge those talented, undiscovered authors who breakthrough the expectations of flavor! For our second annual awards, Team Flavor has put...

  • The Blossoming Story Awards 2019 (CLOSED)
    18.4K 864 34

    STATUS - CLOSED Hey everyone! Welcome to the first season of The Blossoming Story Awards! Do you want your work to be recognised? Does no one appreciate your work? Then my friend, you have landed on the right place! Here, we want the talented and amazing writers to get the fame they deserve! Participate and win many p...

  • Litwits Awards 2018-2019 (Completed ✔✔)
    17K 1.4K 48

    [CLOSED] Welcome✨ 🌟Lots of hard work?? 🌟 Tired of reads and votes not increasing😑. 🌟so come on, what are waiting you for? let's get discovered🤓. ⭕️let's go on! Join us now😇. OPEN[[❌]] JUDGING[[❌]] CLOSE [[❌ ]]

  • The Cherry Awards | 2019 | Open |
    11.6K 443 17

    | The Second Annual Cherry Awards is Officially Open| *WIN A CHANCE TO PUBLISH YOUR WORK INTO AN EBOOK* This is the Second annual Cherry Awards: enter your work to compete against others, promote your work, and win rewards. This contest will include the following genres: -Romance (including LGBT) -General Fiction (I...

  • The Abstract Awards 2019
    4.5K 334 16

    Open [X] Closed [] Judging [] Seeking Judges [YES]

  • The Pixie Awards 2019
    17.4K 735 37

    The Pixie Awards 2019 has arrived!! Writers get ready please!! *JUDGES ARE NEEDED* [✖️] Open [✔️] Closed [✔️]Judging