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  • Sheltered Luna
    76 8 4

    My life was perfect. Complete and utter perfection. My parents were Alpha and Luna of the 1st strongest pack in the world and 2nd largest. My step-parents were our Beta's. I and my mate were the future Alpha and Luna and my younger brother would be future beta. While my mate's sister was our Gamma. Everything was perf...

  • The Dream Walker
    415 3 11

    In a world where the supernatural run free and in harmony with the mundane, Cynthia Rosling finds her line of work on the risque side. As a dream walker, something that seems to be almost a myth even to supernaturals, Cynthia has the ability to manipulate the mind when it's in it's most vulnerable state; unconscious...

  • My Beloved Hogwarts
    2.3K 186 12

    Hogwarts. The one word ignited a passion in her, a passion she had been holding for 11 years. This was the year. She could feel her anticipation rising inside her. That letter would define everything she had ever wanted. Everything she had dreamed of. Her chance to go to her beloved Hogwarts.