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  • Woeful Requiem
    139 61 14

    Horror/Paranormal/Romance "If anything you could write became a part of existence, what would it be?" This is the thought that plagues John Gilchrist's mind. He has a talent, one that anybody would kill for, being able to write his imagination into reality. With depression closing in while struggling to help his daugh...

  • Life of a Medical Intern
    182 14 6

    What you are about to read are my Memoirs of when I served my internship year a while ago. that year was hard and frustrating on so many levels, but I loved every memory of it and it did shape the doctor i am today. Everything happened is true... Enjoy! P.s. slow updates

  • The Compromise
    747 117 6

    Two years ago, Karen had the worst conversation of her life. Her sweet little boy, Isaac, was diagnosed with Autism and Karen's life skewed sideways . She's a long way from the confident, post grad, and glowing new mom of her early twenties. Stressed, single, and mostly sober is the new norm. For Isaac's sake, she's...

  • Devil's Bride - (last new chapter 12/7, Next chapter 12/19)
    225 15 6

    Three years after losing Philip, Alison continues to have vivid dreams of him, a remnant of the powers he'd used to restore their childhood memories. Now every night is like living in the past. She's a child playing hide-and-go-seek in the hayloft. She's a young woman kissing him for the very first time. Alison has...

  • Greener Grass
    50.7K 478 2

    HE WANTED TO ESCAPE HIS PROBLEMS. HE WANTED TO SEE THE FUTURE. HE NEVER CONSIDERED WHAT THE FUTURE WANTED. Confronted with suffering a painful death from cancer, Dan Sturges, a retired Ford’s engineer, foregoes treatments to try an idea of his own. After reading a theoretical article in Scientific American on time di...

  • The Seven Kingdoms
    30.6K 3.3K 47

    Everything had been going so well, until Jasmine started growing scales. She had a loving family, a wonderful best friend, and even a pet dolphin before she found out that she was a Novus. That's when her dreams of becoming a marine biologist went up in smoke because she was no longer human. Jasmine quickly found he...

  • Hook & Line
    116 15 5

    Six months. One project. Two English students that barely know each other partnered to create a mock bestseller.

  • Tiny Tales
    1.3K 217 21

    This book is a collection of all short stories I have created, both mini and midi ones, written in the period of the past fifteen years. Some of them are award-winning entries in various micronarrative competitions, such as "Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder" and "Day After Day." Others were adapted with the usage of...

  • Desire & Blood - The Thorne Siblings
    19.8K 2K 46

    [Completed] Anne is a shy, sensible accountant and knows that getting involved with her rich and hot billionaire boss Thierry Thorne is playing with fire, but she is irresistibly drawn to him anyway. The powerful, devastatingly handsome playboy can have any woman he wants--and now he wants Anne, much to the disapprova...