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  • The Time Expats
    1.1K 116 21

    "We were unstoppable." "You were unstable," Mimi reminded her as the sound of three hundred knives tinkling against champagne glasses rang around them. **A fated pair of time-travelers try to outrun their destiny.** Claire Barnes has everything in her life under control. Living perpetually four minutes in the future m...

  • Dancing Around Cages
    75.5K 4.8K 29

    What does a hard-nosed detective, a flying hooker, naked dwarfs, a screwy ladies' room, and a smart-mouth attorney have in common? Seemingly nothing, but they all come together quite insanely in this sometimes quirky, sometimes tragic, always sexy, disjointed tale of love and betrayal. Sylus is the detective with a p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Like Magic (On Hold)
    1.6K 328 13

    Jessica Rosewood's mother had always told her that using magic was a lot like falling in love. It was beautiful, terrifying, and your results may vary. A lot. Of course, Jessica had always understood this intuitively. It was hard not to being the daughter of a vampire and a fairy, but somehow she doubted her mother ha...

  • Frankenstein's Guide - A LiteraTours Cozy Mystery - Watty 2018 Winner
    8.7K 1.8K 59

    Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth is fighting the aftermath of a nasty divorce that left her husband in custody of her homesitting business - and her beloved cats. With nothing but a turquoise construction trailer to call her home, Ike invests her last quid and becomes partner in a tour company specialising in bespoke trips fo...

  • The Compromise
    671 110 6

    Two years ago, Karen had the worst conversation of her life. Her sweet little boy, Isaac, was diagnosed with Autism and Karen's life skewed sideways . She's a long way from the confident, post grad, and glowing new mom of her early twenties. Stressed, single, and mostly sober is the new norm. For Isaac's sake, she's...

  • Hook & Line
    109 15 5

    Six months. One project. Two English students that barely know each other partnered to create a mock bestseller.