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  • The Unicorn Awards Participants
    9.9K 621 16

    This book is dedicated to all our baby unicorns!!!! Do note that if you've applied today, you might not see your names here. Do be patient and wait till the next day. If its still not there, do reply to your application in the 'Writers Form' chapter by tagging @Shrutiluvbooks and writing 'Not added to participant li...

  • Fruits of Love Awards |Closed|
    5.4K 510 46

    | WINNERS DECLARED | Check out the winners & a chance to read some amazing undiscovered gems! Are you an undiscovered author who worked hard on their book but still got little fruit from that labor of love? Want to increase your reading circle or give more exposure to your work? Want to improve your writing, reading a...

  • The Solstice Awards (2018) - CLOSED FOR JUDGING
    16.6K 1.3K 51

    To us, Summer ain't just about the beach, no school, parties and ice cream - it's also about the awards!