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  • Starship Vengeance
    255K 19.7K 40

    Humanity is forced to flee the world that they have called home and now struggles to find a new home. The path to a new home is filled with chaos, deception, treachery, heartbreak, violence and of course the ever present Zrynt. Admiral Ryan now must decide to hide away and hope they can evade the Zrynt or continue the...

  • I Promise. [COMPLETED]
    4.7K 399 18

    "Roxanne Payes embraces the ordinary; she always has and always will. It didn't bode well for her when fate decided to steer her in another direction: toward the chaos of the Storm's. The last thing Roxanne wanted was a step-sister, and a mental one at that. Enter Lea Storm; a whirlwind of chaos. Or at least, that's...

  • Reality Shift: An Urban Fantasy Crime Thriller
    4K 352 20

    What if you lived in two different realities at once? And what if you had the power to merge them? In Lev Glassman's world, there exist mages with the power to shift reality as they see fit. For years, he's served as partner in crime to one such wizard--the "Pathmaker", Jack Acerra--intent on making thievery into a vi...

  • The Choice of Twilight
    2.7K 92 3

    Growing up has always been difficult. It's even worse when you have to do it all in one night. At the ripe old age of twelve, Ty's life is falling apart. Going to a new school is made even more difficult when his grandfather dies of unknown causes. Without him around, Ty feels the pull between standing by his grandfa...