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  • The Devil's Sins
    26.4K 600 31

    You were living normally until an accident that will be recorded in history happened. You were reincarnated into highschool DXD due to being a good boi. You also have a power that no devil, fallen angel or angel knows of...except for a group of six. I don't own any pictures, Highschool DXD or you. I only own the story.

  • Juubito Of Remnant (Betrayed Obito Uchiha X RWBY Harem)
    325 9 3

    Everything was hell, Naruto and his sensei Kakashi couldn't defeat Obito and the Edo Tensei Madara Uchiha, and the Juubi was nearly back to life once again. But in the last second before the Juubi's revival, Madara Uchiha showed his true color, and Something happened to Obito. Obito then awaken in a new world with no...

  • Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X Yang Xiao Long
    43.8K 469 21

    Y/N unexpectedly finds Weiss cheating on him. What will he do? Who will prevent him from becoming rogue?

    94.5K 1.6K 24

    A 19 years old fan of BNHA died and reincarnates as big brother of izuku midorya with powers similar to gods. Author here: I don't own BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA or any pics they belongs to their owners.

  • Remnant's Monster of the Skies
    1.1K 31 3

    The world of Remnant had never seen use for nimble aircraft for war or anti-Grimm measures. So what happens when a Flying Fortress makes its way to a new land?

  • Girl x Readers
    41.5K 245 12

    REQUESTS ARE AS OPEN AS MY ASSHOLE Basically where the reader is pared up with a female character from anything. Wattpad deleted my last book of this, so shit is sort of going on.

  • The Agent Of Remnant:RWBY x Abused Male Agent Venom Reader
    8.3K 172 4

    Title tells the description. A F/n L/n is abused by his large adoptive family except for one of his sisters and his young brother. After running away, the young man becomes a special soldier and has a better life. He gets married, has a child with his wife, and gains a very massive upgrade. Disclaimer:I do not own RWB...

  • Flames of Death [Highschool DxD x Male Deathstorm Reader]
    21.9K 293 6

    there was boy who was given power by the grim reaper himself, now his name puts fear into the hearts of devils angels fallen, including the dragons

  • The Ronin Dragon, Jet Black Dragon Emperor
    56K 939 28

    I do not own dxd nor the pics in the stories, i give all credit to the creaters.

  • The cold wolverine ( rwby x wolverine reader.)
    6.3K 55 7

    Don't read I quit but read the other story

  • Pubg Male Reader x Fornite Girls
    1.2K 23 3

    I don't know what I'm doing anymore but here's the Short Plot of what's happening. Your the Most deadliest most awesomest gamer or Pubg player and when your doing one of your drop offs in The map when your falling you go through a portal and find yourself in a world that's well Fortnite and let's see what happens when...

  • Son of a God: RWBY harem x Son of Kratos Male Reader
    59.1K 814 9

    This was an idea that wen through my head after getting hyped for the new God of War game coming out, I'm a big God of War fan I'm happy to say that I am finally doing a crossover involving you (the reader) being the Son of Kratos. So basically, what would happen if Kratos had a second son that had a humongous power a...

  • Lucifer Returns (Satanael Male Reader x Highschool DxD)
    27.2K 697 5

    Having been sealed away with his seven deadly sins, Satanael (Y/N) Lucifer is freed from his imprisonment and seeks to rule the world. How will the supernatural react, when the only being that can rival Great Red walks among them? How will Issei fuck this up? Who is brave/stupid enough to challenge the original Satan?

  • The Ultimate Hacker of Hopes Peak
    15.8K 294 6

    This is based of the Game Danganronpa. not the Anime or Manga where you the Male Reader Play as the Ultimate Hacker Known as Y/N L/N

  • [ON HOLD] God of War: The Ghost's Son (Kratos' Son male reader x Various)
    6.4K 90 5

    Alright. Welcome son of Kratos, to the MCU. You are sent to this plane of existence because of the World Tree. You will interact with heroes and villain's. Have fun.

  • Brother Of The Beast: Male Reader X Blake Belladonna
    67K 1.3K 25

    After your parents were killed at a young age, you were raised by your brother Adam Taurus. Under his guiding, you became a skilled swordsman, and together the two of you work your way up the ranks of the White Fang. After a clash of ideals, you leave the White Fang and seek out Blake Belladonna in hopes that she can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY)
    79K 653 35

    He was being torn apart by the most of the academy students when Cardin expose his fake transcipt. He still has his friends but he ran away when his father disowned him. He teleported to the world where Human and Covenant are at war. Now, Jaune Arc, Admiral of UNSC, is ready to finish what he started. Note: this sto...

  • A Gilded Soul (Male Reader Harem Because I Can) (On Hiatus)
    10.3K 148 30

    Remnant. Many fairy Tales, the main one being of the Four Maidens. There was a lesser known Fairy tail of the only male Maiden. His soul so pure none could corrupt it, and Grimm run at the mere presence of him. He has no idea yet, but (Y/N) is that Male Maiden. His parents died when he was young, so he went to a foste...

  • Family FemCharacters x Reader
    172K 1.3K 33

    Please be warned that these stories feature romantic and sexual relations between relatives. If you are disgusted by that, please do not read this and move on. Thank you.

  • Rage Inside
    336 10 1

    "Jaune Arc. A man who was training to become a huntsman at Beacon Academy. A Academy where he forged his transcripts. "Unfortunately his transcripts were exposed by Cardin Winchester. After this people shunned him. His family was there for him so He thought his friends would be there. But Team RWBY didn't even try to...

  • Devil Within (Male Reader x Senran Kagura)
    21K 600 35

    A boy who betrayed by his Mishima's family, (Y/N) decided to forget about Mishima and revenge. But the devil in his body keep disturbing to awake from his body Will his goal be achieved? DISCLAIMER: I do not own Senran Kagura or Tekken or Others!! Update: Every Saturday and Sunday

  • Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinobi (RWBY and Pyrrha x male reader x Team Hanzo)
    31.5K 619 8

    Well, here is the love rivalry that was decided by you readers as this had a lot more comments and I wouldn't say it was a voting pole as it was a suggestion list, but here it is for you readers. And This will be a somewhat combination like story where RWBY and Senran Kagura are in like one universe. So, one day was a...

  • Lone Wolf Gamer
    77.6K 1.2K 7

    Y/N is a guy who preferred to be alone. Because of this, he had few friends. But his mother decided to send him to Koah academy to change that. On the way their he gets a power that changes his life.

  • The Immortal of Dxd (Male reader x Highschool dxd) (On Hold)
    28K 440 8

    You're the strongest human on earth you're also immortal due to a war that happened in your home universe so *God* has given you the opportunity to travel across dimensions were you can fight strong opponents but then when it came to a certain universe called the dxd universe you decided to stay and finish High School...

  • Dragon Gamer
    403K 6.4K 33

    Y/N woke up one day and find a blue holographic box floating in his face saying " Welcome Gamer To Highschool Dxd. " Y/N knew his life just got real complicated.

  • Nothing but abuse and neglecting (male reader x rwby)
    103K 1.3K 25

    Y/n L/n had nothing but people neglecting and abusing him his whole life but when he gets kidnapped by a rouge crew his whole life changes (Disclaimer: I dont own Rwby or any of the pictures used. Rwby belongs to Monty Oum and the pictures belong to there respective owners)

  • Salem's Riders- Vengeance sequel
    23.1K 564 8

    3 months have past since the deaths of Yang and Ruby by his hands. Now with the cryptic clues of his mother's whereabouts rattling through his skull, Y/n must balance his duty as a warrior, with his duty as a boyfriend. The sequel to the well received Vengeance story comes to a dramatic conclusion...

  • A Saiyan Returns To Kuoh
    144K 2.6K 26

    (Y/N) an 7 yr old saiyan who is labeled a traitor by his own saiyan race decides to leave Planet Vegeta in hopes of finding a better life. After his ship begins to malfunction he is forced to put himself in cryogenic statis until he arrives to a habitable planet. Soon he arrives on a planet called Earth, but an error...

  • MAN OR BEAST ( Neglected and abused monster hunter reader X rwby)
    35K 476 4

    In the world of remnant all people are familiar with the creatures of Grimm but about 100 years ago a new threat appeared and they were not Grimm. They are stronger than the Grimm, hungrier, smarter, and faster remnant was under siege by these monster but soon enough they figured out how to kill these monsters and rem...

  • Highschool DxD x Abused Male Reader X Monster Musume
    84.7K 1.1K 13

    Y/N is one of the few male Nekomata (Nekoshou) But was abused at a young age before escaping and finding a better life. This will also be a crossover with Fairy Tail, Akame Ga Kill as well as a few others.