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  • When music stopped being enough (junhwan)
    99.5K 7.1K 52

    Being a celebrity personal assistant is not all traveling, award shows, and a glamorous lifestyle. When you dedicate your professional life to the rich and famous, you are basically responsible for running their lives. And spending most of your time with them means there is a fine line between being friendly and unpro...

  • Got7 chatroom
    562K 29.3K 74

    What if GOT7 were all individual idols that were paired up to be in a group chat? What would their group chats look like? Well my friends, take a look and you shall find out. :)

  • home ; joohyuk ∏
    28.1K 1.9K 27

    In which Minhyuk finally finds a place to land & call home.

  • The New Choreographer (Yugyeom x Reader)
    181K 4.8K 57

    Got7 Yugyeom x Reader. Got7's has their album, 7 for 7, coming out and you are Got7's new choreographer. What you didn't expect when you took the job is that you would start to develop feelings with Got7's makane. How long will you be able to keep it a secret from JYP as well as the entire world?

  • One Sided
    31.1K 2K 28

    **EDIT: I am re writing this book, it's now called "hyung" you can check it out on my profile! ^^ **Junhoe locked eyes with jinhwan, and his heart skipped a beat when he realized their close proximity. "Okay!" Jinhwan huffed, as he turned his face to the side, exposing his jawline. "I'm too tired for this, you win" h...

  • BOX (junhwan)
    83.9K 6.2K 55

    Jinhwan has always been alone pretty much his whole life. Never getting too close to people. Until he became friends with bobby. Bobby was the only one jinhwan had let into his life. As they start university and meet new people, will jinhwan learn to trust people and let others in? Maybe even find love? Will he be ab...