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  • Between Classes (#tkbmoviecontest)
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    [#TKBMovieContest Top 10 Featured] When 18-year-old Japanese-American student Toni Tanaka (the coolest, most mysterious guy in school) asks 17-year-old Audrey Miller (a quiet bookworm who's barely exchanged two words with a boy) for help with his exam, her heart drops into her stomach and her palms become sweaty. When...

  • How to End It
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    It's not the date that's nerve-wracking, it's the way you end it. A classic 'opposites attract, don't judge a book by it's cover' short story inspired by The Kissing Booth.

  • The Problem Before Prom (#TKBMovieContest)
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    Hope You Enjoy My Story For the #TKBMovieContest

  • One Dance
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    Second entry for #TKBMovieContest ❤️ One chapter. 500 words.

  • Slanted Words
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    Words. We consistently use them. We depend on them. But sometimes they can lead us astray. And sometimes you need silence to find your way back.

  • No Matter What
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    This is my entry for The Kissing Booth Movie Contest. ° When Raelynn and her boyfriend Jackson get accepted to two different colleges, with thousands of miles between them, Raelynn worries about how her relationship with Jackson will be effected. So, it's Jackson's job to reassure her.

  • The Boy who Loved The Bald Girl
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    #TKBMovieContest Ava is destroyed when she is diagnosed with Alopecia Areata right before she starts highschool. Her disease causes her to lose practically all of her hair. She loses all of her friends and thinks no one could ever love a bald girl. That is, until Jonah comes around.

  • Touches
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    Sometimes, just a touch is enough.

  • Plain Jane
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    I'm the girl you know was in your class at some point. You recognize my face, but have my name mixed up with about three other girls. It's not cause I'm shy, a mute nerd, or any other good girl cliche. I'm just a plain and utterly average teenager ... who also happens to be good at science. Him, on the other hand, he...