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  • pyaar ki anokhi daastan......
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    vampire love....

  • Immortal Bite
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    There's a hilarious new boy in Los Angeles and he has everybody talking. Stunningly smart and devastatingly strong, all the girls want him. However, Siddharth Nigam has a secret - he's an arrogant vampire. Avneet Kaur is a courageous, sexy girl who enjoys hiking. She becomes fascinated by Siddharth who can stop Venemo...

  • Forever
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    A fanfiction dedicated to my bestie @Skian1727 :)

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    A girl born with eyes out of this world. Anyone would fall for those eyes. A boy who promised himself to never fall for her. Was it because he didn't want to lose her? Or was it because of her eyes? What are those innocent eyes hiding from the world?

  • DDD: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
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    Peep in to know😜😘❤️

  • Love Project
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    Peep inside to know more..........

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    " Opposite Clash.. opposite attracts too!!! " But this story proves it wrong... Avneet Sharma falls in love with the Siddharth Tendulkar the boy with same level of ego and attitude like hers... In this story the opposite won't attract it will be the Similar which will attract.. This love story is a bit different and...

  • Talk to you later, Journal !
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    TALK TO YOU LATER, JOURNAL . This book is full of random thoughts, fun memories, hard emotions, poems...etc. Enjoy !!

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    Sumedh Mudgalkar, the most loved new age actor of the Indian TV industry. The heartthrob of all the girls, who call themselves as SUMEDHIANs. Naina, a simple living girl, yet the apple of everyone's eye, and also a very big Sumedhian. Will these people, with different lines of life, meet each other? Can they have a f...

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    A simple middle-class girl goes to Mumbai to pursue her studies. She dreams of becoming a respected doctor and fulfilling her parents dreams. But what is in store for her in The City of Dreams? Will she be able to achieve her dream after knowing this shocking truth of her life? Peep in to know more?

  • Sealed Dragon
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    Varun Mishra, the son of the richest businessman has everything he wants. His ancestors belong to the royal family. He is happy with everything in life. Since childhood no one ever dared to trouble him because they knew it would be disastrous if they did. He has the strongest spirits as his powers. Shruti Oberoi, the...

  • Lost Without You✔( An Ishan Kishan Fanfiction)
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    #3 in withoutyou A young girl named Jayanti is an ordinary girl. she want to study and help her friend whom she loves. But the intresenting fact is that the boy never knew about this. Never ever. He never noticed her feelings. It will be very tough to hide your own feelings to someone who you don't want to leave. This...

  • unknowingly married
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  • Celebrity love
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