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  • The Twisted Vine (The Galactic Pantheon #2) ✓
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    She's a programmer who needs confidence. He's a god who needs inspiration. Together they might be unstoppable. -- When Fei discovers a link between her company and a religious organisation, she knows the entire galaxy must be told, even at the cost of her career. She finds an unlikely ally in Kuja, god of the rainfore...

  • et aedificabo eam
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    if only the clock would be merciless, if only time would reverse; did i not tell you that cupid's plans could be the worst? started 19/12/18 collection of poems cover picture found off pinterest

  • A Widower's Guide to Downward Spirals
    2.5K 735 11

    In one moment, Lawson Carter is a successful romance writer, though he doesn't know the first thing about it. His marriage is crumbling apart, but he can always go somewhere safer in his mind. Then he wakes to a reality he can't write himself out of-his wife is dead, and everyone has turned their backs on him. Law...

    1.5K 347 40

    all my teeth are gold because of the lies and cockroaches that curl up and sleep inside of them. a collection of short poems. © folsomprison. all rights reserved. published: 10/14/17. completed: 6/25/18.