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  • Trinket (Reverse Harem)
    1.7M 97.3K 106

    As a child, Theia was found nearly dead outside an enclave, covered in mysterious wounds and with no memory of who she is. She's not quite human, and she's not quite a shifter. Raised a mutt foundling, she fell in love with the noble wolf-shifter Tynne... except the gods gave him to another. Rejected and heart broken...

  • Heir of the Gods
    158K 11.3K 64

    Darkness is creeping in from the edges of the empire. A threat that has been all but lost to history is rising again. Cassia Auralius is the first female Heir of the Empire of Metus to not abdicate her right to the throne. Behind her is a line of warrior-kings and sacred laws. Before her is an uncertain future painted...

    Completed   Mature
  • Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story) [Vol.1 - Vol.4 Complete]
    1.3M 67.7K 247

    After being kidnapped and thrown into a VRMMORPG, 17-year-old Suzuki Mato must find the line between his real and in-game personalities before it kills him. ***** Following the death of his popular online persona, seventeen-year-old Suzuki Mato deci...

  • Silent Eden
    32.6K 2.1K 31

    Born into slavery as nothing better than a Subhuman, unable to speak, unable to read or write and unallowed to learn such things, she works hard for her master, the Divine Magician. Then one day, as she's trying to continue her hard work, Silent Eden makes a discovery that could change the way she views the entire wo...

  • Serpent Heart [PUBLISHED]
    212K 3.6K 6

    [ORIGINAL DRAFT SAMPLE] She is twenty-nine when the FBI comes for her, but Catherine Themis was only seventeen, grieving and naive and angry, the first time she wiped someone else's blood from her fingers and felt the snake rise in her chest. She was seventeen when she stepped into the dark and never looked back. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Grenadine Dreams
    326K 25.6K 83

    When college dropout Naya Burton is tempted with the chance to wish all of her problems away, she takes it, no questions asked. But soon she learns that not all genies come in bottles, and that living with one is a hell of a lot more complicated than she ever dreamed. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • School Of The Dragon Rider
    29.2K 1.4K 4

    Luna lives in a small town filled with magic. For the past 16 years she has grown up dreaming of becoming a dragon rider. Her father was once a dragon rider who was killed in an uprising before she was born. She now lives with her mom and two older twin siblings Tera and Jace. Every year 1 dragon rider scours the land...

  • Shadow Lights and the Forbidden Crossings
    9.2K 128 5

    Death is upon Shadow Lights, kingdom of the Luceres, descendants of the Nephilim. Argos goes to Evergreen, the human world, to find Prince Elijah, the exiled Prince of Shadow Lights and keeper of the Chronicles of Light, the book that can save the Luceres from their evil king. But Prince Elijah has long been dead, and...

  • Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising
    7.2K 102 1

    Aeryn, a young mage with the gift of fire, draws around her a group of fellow students and allies to protect their world from a sinister plot. At her side is the beautiful healer, Lyse. In front of her is nothing but awful choices. Can Aeryn protect a kingdom she may not even want to save? This conclusion to Conspirac...

  • Hades' Vacation (Tempting Hades Contest)
    370 36 1

    Hades, the lord of the Underworld, has finally been allowed to leave his palace, and what could possibly be better than to take his wife to a ski resort? She hasn't seen snow since forever. Hades has been longing for a vacation. But this vacation is anything but relaxing.

  • The Dragon Shifter
    57.2K 3.2K 8

    Since the dragons arrived nothing's the same. Humans isn't on the top of the food chain anymore. The hunter is hunted and dragons rule the world. The only good thing that came with the dragons was the magic, the ability do do things you never thought was possible. The more time that went by the stronger our magic beca...

  • From Ashes and Snow
    343K 22.5K 46

    '' Following unimaginable loss, a Half-Blood Elf must ally with humans to find the creature who killed her family and save the Empire. '' Book One of the Forged Series. Aviana Birchwood's world crumble...

  • Wicked
    1.1K 135 37

    Cornelia Moreau, known as Corn is the descendant of Sarah Good, accused Witch from the Salem Witch Trials. She was executed in 1692, vowing that every generation grows stronger, wiser, and more powerful. Unfortunately, for Corn, this means she is the most powerful Witch her heritage has ever seen and maybe the world...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Chronicles Of The Council #1: The Sun's Tears
    30.5K 2.6K 74

    The parallel lives of two princesses living a millennium apart are bound together in the most unlikely of ways. Princess Aebbé of Ardam, haunted by memories of a flash of lightning and burning flesh, returns to her home amidst a seemingly hopeless war. But all is not as it seems in Raven's Peak, and the greatest dang...

  • The Reaper's Curse #1 - Complete
    66.1K 4.4K 56

    ❝ An exile should remember that they will die in these lands and there is nothing they can do but fight. ❞ [complete | editor's pick | book 1] The Reaper's Curse has come, the gods have foreseen death and people are helpless to fight it. Those infected lose their minds, feasting on souls and flesh. Surviving the Reape...

  • Daevas ✔️
    410K 28.3K 89

    Mouths may lie, but blood does not. When truth fails to bring forth light, it is within the blood does it tell all. Ari soon comes to learn such truths when a holy war between humans and demons encroach upon his life. He needs time and wisdom that he does not possess to figure out where he falls in all of this chaos...

    139K 3K 9

    As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities. Dogs that seem more aware than they ought to, sentient plant-life, nomads aimlessly wandering... Rescued by a farming colony called Community, Alex...

  • SAGE (under edit)
    27.1K 1.6K 54

    After her brother was murdered when they were just children, Sage Lycrart is on the hunt for her brother's killer - Raidan Suragi, who was once her brother's best friend and is now one of the notorious Shadow Soldiers. Five years have passed since that day, and Sage has become one of the best Soldiers for her age. Li...

    8.2K 596 46

    For 18 year-old Ashayt, life changes forever when she is recruited into the service of the Lion Goddess Sekhmet, to be trained as one of her Sword Maidens: elite female warriors sworn to defend the Goddess from her enemies and support her in battle. Her skills with the sword soon become evident and she makes both frie...

  • Heart of Glass
    521K 39.8K 40

    Sherwood Institute for the Magically Afflicted. A refuge for those seeking remedy from curses, hexes and other fantastical ailments. In one night, Ariel Winters went from socialite wannabe to cursed freak. Her heart is turned to glass by a vengeful witch and she is shipped off to Sherwood Institute to find a cure. Whi...

  • The Fae Warriors
    567 42 2

    Princess Lilly is not your typical princess. She has been training since she can remember to become a warrior like her deceased mother. Her father, the King of Faraton, has married a new queen that is determined to take away everything that the princess loves and force her into a marriage with her brother, the Prince...

  • Spark of Chaos (Spark of Chaos #1)
    253K 6.9K 18

    ✴︎Featured on Wattpad✴︎ Born into slavery, bound by Fate, and forbidden to love. One faerie will do anything to be free. It's not easy being a child of chaos. Disaster follows Isiilde wherever she goes, but that's the least of her problems-she's a faerie trapped in a realm of humans. And worse yet, she's a nymph. Des...

  • Truly Elemental: And Other Retro Faerie Tales
    164K 7.1K 11

    Now A Wattpad Featured Story... A collection of short stories where faeries good, bad, and just plain scary roam a world of Rock-n-Roll and Marilyn Monroe. ♛ CONTENTS ♛ 1. Truly Elemental // 1957 2. Barren // 1941 3. Red Cap // 1962 4. Dress Up // 1950s 5. Over Your Grave // 1956 6. The Bleeding Boy and the Bruja...

  • The Witch and the Dragon - Beta
    455K 26.9K 22

    -- ALPHA VERSION AVAILABLE -- Dragons like princesses. Everyone knows that. But the kingdom of Teana is pretty lacking in maids of the royal variety - which must be why Alannah finds herself tied to a pole, surrounded by sheep, and in the most ridiculous white dress s...

    6.4K 768 17

    In the mighty kingdom of Analide, the kings and queens have always ruled the stars. The stars' energy has been passed down from generation to generation, firstborn to firstborn, as proof of worthiness and power. Because of this, Analide was nicknamed The Land of Stars, and remained a powerhouse among all the other nat...

  • Blood Lust
    1.4M 83.2K 50

    A prophecy. A lie. A love to conquer centuries. *** Cassandra is a woman without a last name, a woman who has toiled through life just grazing the edge of survival. To her, the world is bleak and disappointing... That is until she realizes the part of the world sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Zephyr: The Elemental Clans
    410K 22.1K 178

    Man has walked the land for a millenia and alongside them stood the Elements of the Universe. Each person is born blessed by one of the spirits presiding over these elements granting them dominion of these powers. The Zephyr clan has long prided itself in the fact that it has produced members in all elemental factions...

  • Paragon - Book I
    454K 32.9K 51

    *COMPLETE* There are whispers across the kingdoms that the Paragon, that strangely gifted person who can wield all four Skills, has been found. They're wrong, of course. No one has caught the Paragon. Allayria should know: she's it. But Allayria doesn't want to be the Paragon, and in her pursuit of freedom she f...

  • The Moonlight Boy | Ferry's Tale # 1
    2.1M 140K 66

    * The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner * In Goodharts, the small town beyond the hills, nobody knows how Ferry Donovan looks. His mother has been keeping him out of sight for over nine years. When the boy finally begins school, the people are not only intrigued by his appearance but also by the strange things taking place a...

  • Nuclear Love
    22.8K 834 5

    When 18 year-old trust fund kid Quinn York's tourist shuttle to Mars unexpectedly crashes, he wakes up only remembering one name: Celeste. He knows he has to find her no matter the cost, even if he loses his own life in the process. Quinn discovers the world is changed however; the nuclear holocaust that caused the sh...