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  • Sympathy For the Devil
    115 18 6

    Ankou is an arrogant asshole that believed he was better than everyone in his land. That was until his arrogant ways got the better of him and made a bet he could not win. It had cost Ankou his life as well as his sister's and anyone who had the misfortune of touching Ankou. He was cursed to live forever and to take t...

  • ~Why Should I Tell You Anything?~ COMPLETED
    1.8K 169 48

    The forest was where no one went. Those who entered never returned. We tried to stop them but they didn't listen. The forest took every last one of them. Eve was taught never to enter the forest if she values her life. But when a beautiful, little boy emerges from the forest's borders, covered head to toe in blood, ev...

  • My Ghost Experiences
    11 6 4

    Short stories of what I've experienced in my lifetime. Starting with the most recent ones

  • Stalker
    326 33 7

    A girl named Amethyst recently moved to a town in northern Wisconsin due to her mother's recent death, suffering from severe anxiety and depression her father puts her into therapy with other unpsychological people. Though she has a strange feeling about one of the members in her therapy class, she just doesn't know w...

  • Change is Evil
    46 6 6

    Isabella Jones was a happy girl. She had a family, friends, money. Everything she wanted or needed was given to her. Then one day, Isabella lost everything. Her family gone. Friends gone. Money gone. Isabella had nothing. It was a big change in her life and in turned her into something scary.

  • Dare To Swear
    916 144 17

    The University of Michigan, dorm room 45, where an incident happened. Still now, the room and the university are haunted by that incident. And she comes for anyone who swears something to do and forces them to break it, she comes for anyone who swears something not to do and forces them to do it. What is the solution...

    2.9K 359 51

    Who are you and what do you want?" I asked staring at him in a combination of disdain and disgust. He looked at me and smirked and before I knew it, a slap kissed my cheek. I cried out in pain. "I knew your like would lack manners but little one I will teach you your first lesson and that is, nobody asks me anything"...

  • The Haunted Town
    542 147 16

    Surrounded by a dark thick forest and population below three thousand, it is the town where the demons dance in broad daylight and shadows rule during the night. Of all the places, Simone's parents think that Elmdale is the perfect town to stay hidden from the loan sharks and be together as one family. With the myste...

  • See to Believe
    158 39 8

    A story of a Teenage Boy who keeps seeing strange and scary things that normal people can't even see, but he know's there is something wrong. That he can't explain. That's why, he is off on a quest to find out what is happening in his life. Will he find the truth?

  • The House on 13th Street
    130 4 14

    Cursed is the one who dares to go to the house on 13th Street --------------------------------------- "This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or...