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  • Rosie Graphics ↬ o p e n
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    ◈ CREDITS TO ALL GRAPHICS USED TO MAKE THE GRAPHICS FOR THIS GRAPHIC SHOP || O P E N || A C T I V E || Graphic Portfolios: ⊱ Book Covers | CLOSED for requests ⊱ Cover Contest Entries ⊱ Will close after 70 requests Hello, welcome to my new and improved graphic shop. I have decided to start with book 2 of my g...

  • ❝ Cover Contest Entries ❞
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    ➵ Home for all my Cover Contest Entries ➵ Portfolio ②¬ Portfolio ① is my Book Covers Shop ➵ For Judges: ❏ All Entries are labeled according to the Contest Theme or Label ❏ Please vote to notify you've seen it or dm me if you have seen my cover ➵ For Bystanders: ❏ If you like what you see, please...

  • Book Covers | CLOSED
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    Copyright ©2017 | All Rights Reserved | Roze Fayers || C L O S E D for requests || A C T I V E for uploading the remaining requests || ⊱ 60 Requests submitted ⊱ New Graphic Shop: Rosie Graphics ⊱ I am sorry but I will not take requests from here, please head over to Rosie Graphics for a new and improved graph...

  • The Book Covers Shoppe || O P E N
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    It's said that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I have a darn good feeling your book is gonna get a whole lot more popular if your cover looks good. But not everyone is a graphic designer. Maybe you're thinking, "I really want my story to get out, but nobody's reading it because my cover looks lousy." Wel...

  • Dolcé [OPEN] | Cover Shop
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    Dolcé; sweet. Sweet covers for beautiful people ♥︎ [✔️] open [ ] closed [✔️] active [ ] inactive

  • Covers | Graphics
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    --- - just covers for entries/fun - i do not own these photos; they are just my own altered kind ---

  • Weekly Graphic Contest [ OPEN ]
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    Kontes grafis mingguan. Akan ada kontes baru di setiap minggunya. Ini hanya untuk bersenang-senang, jadi hadiahnya pun untuk bersenang-senang. Silakan diikuti. Lumayan untuk mengasah kemampuan grafis kalian.

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    Lots and lots of contests for my books or others books as you can also make a request and I'll run one for you, so everyone is welcome.

  • Designs by Vi
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    🌻you order, i make it. it's that simple🌻 ✨✨✨ ·book covers ·aesthetics ·posters ·trailers ·banners ·playlists/albums ·backgrounds ✨✨✨ 🐝Hablo español🐝 🍯Je parle l'française🍯

  • Book Milestones
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    ***COVER BY @ShannAllyson & Sticker by @SylviaMarie6129818!!*** Got some brand new reads on your book? Reached a milestone and want to share your excitement with the world? I may have something of interest to you... But you have come inside to find out what is! ~~~~~ • #5 in MILESTONES on 2/22/2019 • #2 in MILESTONES...

  • Author Interviews
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    [ COVER BY @Laurel_Marie_Writes!! ] [ALWAYS OPEN] As writers, we want to inspire, move, and excite our readers through our stories. But who are the people behind those stories? Thus, I've created this book, a place for readers to get to know their favorite authors and for authors to get to know one another. Fill out a...

  • ALL OVER ━ graphics portfolio ²
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    the sequel; more graphical stuff made by yours truly. est; 16.2.19 highest ranking; #6 in graphic design, #3 in cover entries

  • mars. -> (pretty much) free covers
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    hey there! welcome to mars! here you can order covers that are pretty much free!! :) xoxo. ♡

  • Writing Contests
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    Hi! I know this cover sucks, but until I manage to create a better one of my own, you'll have to deal with it. I'm hosting writing contest for all ages and all styles! There will be monthly contests, although because of school, I will be late updating some of the contests. So enjoy!

  • Covers - CLOSED
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    *CLOSED* If you want a cover for your book, just send me a message or leave a comment w/the following information: -Author name you want on the cover -The title of your book -What you want on the cover -When you want the cover

  • Mysterious Graphic Shop || Open!
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    Kung naghahanap ka ng book cover para sa iyong mahiwagang istorya then you're in right place!! Welcome to my workshop!!

  • 3rd Annual Biggest Competition Ever Vol. 2
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    Welcome to the Poets Pub 3rd Annual Biggest Competition Ever. This year it will be an eight (8) week gauntlet style poetry competition, with a new poetry prompt every week and a winner announced each week. All winners will be eligible for our Poet of the Year competition.

  • Cover Contest | 2018 | Open |
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    As the title says, cover contest All deadlines are until I get enough entries. Num.2 in #makecovers @Glowgirlmi

  • Covers
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    These are for possible future books and for book contests. You are allowed to use any as long as you credit me :) 1st Place covers winner of the flowery flower contest :)

  • #PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest
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    Wattpad has teamed up with National Geographic to wake the world up to the potential impact of single-use plastics. In 500 words or less, we're asking you to share a story-real or fiction-inspired by actual photos of this global issue.

  • Story Promotion
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    Highest rank: #1 ❤ Can't get much readers for your story? Well, never mind. Promote your story by commenting here..! There are many chapters with amazing ways to promote your story and get follows. So don't forget to check them all! Check the table of contents to know the chapters ahead. Follow me for the latest up...

  • 3rd Annual Biggest Competition Ever - 2018
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    Welcome to the Poets Pub 3rd Annual Biggest Competition Ever. This year it will be an eight (8) week gauntlet style poetry competition, with a new poetry prompt every week and a winner announced each week. All winners will be eligible for our Poet of the Year competition.

  • Wattpad Birthdays
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    ***Cover and Banners by the sweet, amazing duo of @crazyinloveforever*** ~~~~~ Since we're all one big family here on Wattpad, I thought it would be nice if we wished each other a happy birthday for our fellow writers! But, if you're like me, remembering birthdays is virtually impossible...Therefore, I'm making this b...

  • Galactic Book Club ✔ ¶ ON HOLD ¶
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    Welcome to Galactic Book Club! Every book is accepted. All the info you need will be inside this book as well as the form. Do you want to meet new friends and get your book out in the open? This is the Club for you! Admins: @touti2468 / @X_wildflower_X ☆Galactic Book Club☆

  • Criteria
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  • Summer Book Awards// CLOSED FOR JUDGING
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    OPEN ()CLOSED ( ) JUDGING ( ) RESULTS UP ( 🏖) Welcome to the Summer Book Awards 2018! The Spring Book Awards have just finished, and it's Summer now! There are five entries per genre, so you have a big chance and it won't be long - so come on in and enter now for a great opportunity to get your book promoted! (I will...

  • free cover shop [OPEN]
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    Hello! This is my new cover shop. I will be making free covers for stories, and the details should be discussed in the next few chapters. Please comment any questions and I will edit them to the story!