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  • Give Me Love Or Take Everything ✓
    9K 2.8K 41

    Give Me Love Or Take Everything is a unique and emotional short story written in poems that follow the love adventure of two strangers who become one. Every chapter is twelve words. [Completed]

  • His Nerd Next Door
    18.7M 780K 61

    One thing, just one little thing Julie had to do to have a great start at her new high school. Don't Draw Attention. She thought she could handle it, how hard could it be right? She was reading in her room when she just decided to take one, little, harmless glance outside of her new bedroom window. BAM!! There stood...

  • Long Way Home
    286 44 9

    Rey Hood and Eli Madsen, two teenagers constantly followed by trouble. Realizing they're both better off skipping town, the two newly acquainted teens decide to come up with an escape plan out of their troubled town Aurora and start over somewhere fresh.. preferably California because it's always sunny there. However...

  • The Tomboy's Bad Boy [ #wattys2018 ]
    2K 69 16

    A bunch of secrets, lies, and spontaneity was the last thing soccer oriented Rain Hyland expected to find herself wound up in during her final year of high school. Then again, she didn't exactly expect to find herself tangled up in a rollercoaster of a relationship with no one other than Jordan freaking Wylde. Now t...

  • The Good Boy And The Bad Girl
    334K 12.9K 51

    He towered over me. His green eyes gazed at me and for a moment I was captivated by them. I cleared my throat. "I need your help to become a good girl" He laughed, his soft melodic laugh filling my ears. How does someone make a laugh sound sexy? "I'm sorry what?" "I need your help to become a good girl" I repeated. ××...

    165 16 3

    Every couple of weeks I will write a new book review. Any genre is legible for a request (including fanfiction). Just comment on my first chapter to be reviewed! 💗

  • Lie For You
    2.6K 180 35

    Emmy Young had thought she knew everything when it came to Jackson Wheeler. How he was the playboy with the notorious grin that could have any girl swoon if he glanced in their direction. He meticulously broke young girls hearts day after day, including Emmy's best friend. Or so she thought. The longer Emmy spends...

  • Boot Camp | ✓
    27.7M 1M 44

    Always the last person picked in gym class when she was in high school and the first person to complain about running just one mile, infamously unathletic Whitney Carmichael finally decides she's had enough. Risking her lazy being - and maybe even her sanity - she signs up for a strict fitness boot camp consisting of...

  • The Beach House (a The Kissing Booth novella)
    3.9M 46.9K 16

    **NOW PUBLISHED IN EBOOK! This is a companion novella (not a sequel) to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Elle and her best friend Lee, that means one thing: The beach house. They've spent every summer of their lives there, but thing...

  • Teen For Hire
    2K 280 17

    Reece sticks by a certain motto in life: "If you ever want something to get done, pay somebody to do it for you." In this case, people pay HIM to get things done. Anything they could possibly want, from babysitting, to stalking their exes or even doing their math homework. He could do it all with the right amount of m...

  • Daddy's New Associate
    71.5K 3.7K 59

    Anabella Carter lives the perfect life in her mind. She lives in a hotel, models and has men falling at her feet everyday. But a little twist in her life throws everything off. The Carter's and the Hunter's go way back, Carrie and Mabel were close friends who had dreams of opening a hotel, but they grew apart as they...

    Completed   Mature
  • Room 234's VIRGIN
    22.1M 915K 102

    Hera was a virgin a virgin in every sense, she had never had a drink, had a boyfriend, gone to a club, had sex, smoked or done drugs. She was an angel that gave angels a run for their money. A freshman in a new college in a state away from home she always believed she could stay away from all of those till marriage...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beer, Spaghetti, and Pharmaceuticals ||COMPLETED||
    58.8K 5.9K 66

    *FEATURED WATTPAD PICKS* If Alice Black had to describe Isaac Hanes using only nouns they would be beer, spaghetti, and pharmaceuticals. If she had to describe him using any other words she would choose: arrogant, bully, home wrecker, unqualified, neurotic, caring, funny, and most importantly, her friend. Alice's li...

  • The Wolves of Echo Mountains
    57.6K 5.7K 73

    *FEATURED IN TOP SUMMER READS 2018 by @werewolf, the 'Female Alpha' reading list & In the World of Werewolf* "Where do your loyalties lie?" An honest answer to what seemed like a simple question changed her life. Ariana Romulus had every reason to be thrilled with her new life. She is Carina Haywood, living in the s...

  • The Stars In Your Eyes.
    252 29 7

    Sorry I'm really bad with descriptions with out spoiling the book.........You got to read to find out sorry..... This is the best I can do-- "This story is about a boy named William Elliot Archer, about his life and how he got here.... standing on this bridge looking down."

  • The Bad Nerd Boy | ✔️
    2.2M 100K 41

    Highest rank #7 in Teen Fiction Hot List and #2 in New Adult ❝ You know my secret now. That's really bad, Summers." He smirked. That nerd smirked! And call me crazy but at this moment, he looked goddamn hot. "I won't tell others." I blurted the words out, hoping it gave the assurance he needed so he would...

  • Loving Lola
    71.9K 5.5K 95

    "When love is satisfied, all charm of it is gone." Aspiring garden designer Lola O'Connell has no idea what awaits her at Harrington House. A normal business meeting with a sickeningly wealthy business man seems likely, but what Lola finds instead is Alfie Tell - a devastatingly intimidating, overly confident hotel ty...

  • Frostbite
    791 92 19

    An average girl armed with a not-so-average supply of puns - that's Olivia Lincoln in 12 words. She led a normal (well, define "normal") life up until the summer before her junior year of high school. That was the summer she met Myles, a quiet boy with a bone-chilling secret. With the discovery of his shocking talent...

  • When Life Gives You Lemons
    3.5K 464 21

    Falling in love with your best friend's brother is never a good thing, is it? Falling in love with both of your best friend's older brothers? That's even worse. Emma Branson has always harbored a crush on Mason Masterson, her best friend Jessie's so-called "brooding" older brother, but as Emma journeys through high sc...

  • My Brother's Best Friend
    2.4M 52.3K 65

    #2 In Romance |May 1,2019| #1 In Teen Fiction |May 18,2019| "What are we going to tell your brother?" He says, his breath on my neck. "Who says we have to tell him anything?" - - - Sixteen year old Emma knows better than to get involved with her brother's best friend, Jax. She's been keeping her feelings for him a s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse
    188K 17K 58

    In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring. Stirring their coffee, that is. When aliens invade, four baristas on a camping trip hardly seem the most likely saviours of the world. But thanks to a hologram with no fashion sense, some newly developed superpowers and an alien with a guilty conscience, th...

  • Forty-Seven Uses for a Paperclip (Completed)
    1.1M 32.1K 31

    Colton Pearce is annoying, a flirt, and definitely not in Cassidy's ten-year plan. Then again, neither is falling in love. When their English teacher hires them to clean his grandmother's house for the summer, she discovers that there may be more to Colton than meets the eye. Through a valuable baseball card, strained...