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  • a different kind of family (villain deku/Izuku au)
    41.1K 1.1K 20

    your every day villain deku~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deku finds a family one that excepts him and doesn't look down on him and one that shows him an adventure every day............. a family that makes his life worth living ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N horrible grammar and jokes coming your way and maybe...

  • King Reaper (Dadzawa~)
    7.5K 179 5

    Izuku was 5 ween this happened he knew who his father was so did he but he had to stay away because of villains Might take him Aizawa visits Izuku's birthday and leaves the sad part is izuku....gets abused by his 'Step Father' Hisashi Midoriya Let's see how this plays out

  • Stain's Hero
    6.3K 234 7

    Blood... Everywhere... It was overwhelming. None of the heroes saw the incident, but one person did. The heroes didn't even bat an eye. One person did though. "I'm..... sorry...... baby" "KID!?" Stain. Read as he takes in Izuku, and teaches him to be a true hero. Warning: THIS IS VIOLENT AF. Blood, depression, an...

  • Vongola Cafe (Adopted)
    3.2K 118 7

    Can you imagine Tsuna not in the life of Mafia but as a civilian who owns a cafe? What happens if his cafe has a regular who is Mafia's best man? Will Tsuna get pulled deep into mafia, or will he stayed protected by this regular? "You are a part of Mafia?!" "So? At least you're still alive." "I rather die then get in...

  • Please, No Formalities
    10.5K 332 7

    "Izuku Midoriya, it's a pleasure, and please no formalites!" DISCLAIMER All characters belong to Horikoshi ALSO All art belongs to respected artists NOT MINE credit to any art I use!

  • Wolf Izuku ( avengers crossover )
    6.4K 119 22

    Inspired by Thedogmaster111 ^ I love her book check it out! izuku is a wolf which has been abandoned by his parents and found by mount lady and has been her daughter for quite awhile Ready? what will happen next! #6 female izuku ( realised I put son in the description so I changed it) The avengers also come into thi...

  • What's A Hero? , Vigilant Izuku AU
    35K 1.3K 17

    Wolf Spiders are wild and extremely hard to see in their natural environment, but when a child of unknown age, origin, and mindset suddenly appears within a society filled with quirks, heroes and villains, what should Japan do? A famous vigilant who is known for his ability to fight, jump and remain under everyones ra...

  • Behind a mask [Villian Deku]
    192K 6.3K 56

    What makes a hero, a hero? The courage? A symbol of justice? A symbol of peace? A boy filled with rejection and fear couldn't find the answer. What made a hero, a hero? Why did he try so hard to become one? While sat on a bridge, Midoriya is approached by a man in a black hoodie with steely blue hair. And offers a n...

  • You Did This (Villain Deku X Bakugou) (On Hiatus)
    19.9K 694 17

    "YOU DID THIS!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IF YOU WOULD HAVE JUST TREATED ME LIKE A FRIEND, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!" I tried to fight. I fought for fourteen years. When I broke, I stopped fighting, and gave in. On hiatus indefinitely. Will probably be back in around a month or so.

  • The Damaged Hero
    7.5K 293 5

    All Izuku wanted to do was help. He had a major disadvantage compared to everyone else. He had known that since he was 4, since he discovered that not all men are made equal, but he'd be damned if he didn't work 10 times harder than everyone else, just to not fall behind. Then, after 10 years of work, he's rewarded. H...

  • The Spellbook Hero
    44.6K 1.1K 38

    Name: Izuku Quirk: Witch's Library Quirk description: quirk first manifested as a book written in an old language he couldn't read as he got older more books appeared with different type of spells and in different dead or old languages I'm writing this on my phone so there will be typos you have been warned everythi...

  • ❕𝐓𝐡𝐞 '𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝' 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭❕
    1K 139 4

    {No Quirk AU! Inspired by Disney Channel} ❕HEY! HEY! YOU! YOU! I COULD BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND❕ UA is a pretty average high school. You've got the cheerleaders,the football players, the nerds, the skaters, the drama group, the goths, and the band kids. Well this school is different. There's another group, a club if you wil...

  • Kirideku
    15.6K 445 3

    It's just a fanfic. You get who it is about from the title. Don't see many of these so I thought why not. Warning this has SMUT in it. Leave feedback. I do not own any of the characters.

  • My little calf (Kirideku)
    32K 1.4K 13

    Kirishima comes to his friends house over the summer.He meets a small cow shifter who happens to peak his interest.The big wolf frightens all the other cows but Izuku doesn't even seem afraid.

  • Worthless Necessity
    173K 8.5K 56

    Quirks aren't everything in this world, nor is your family status. Animals with quirks are pushed away, merely because they're animals. Nezu? Heck, he's so smart, everyone's scared of what would happen if they got on his bad side. Half the society, at the very least, still think that he's just an animal. Warni...

  • Chained (17+)(S2)
    29.4K 1.2K 31

    A heart is fragile and delicate yet we treat it so roughly. With his heart already shattered into pieces young Midoriya must find a piece to follow. In love & war there are very few who come to see victory... This is the squeal to "Just What Is He". If you have not read the first book I would advise you read it. DIS...

  • ᴏᴜʀ sᴛᴏʀʏ♥ | Bakudeku
    428 15 14

    This is Journalist UA where instead of heroes its a journalism school! Includes: Fluffy chapters💚🧡 Smut chapters😈‼️ Swearing 🤬🤭 Smoking, drugs, self harm, suicidal thoughts etc. 😭😖 Read at your own risk.

  • Some Things Never Change
    8 0 1

    I just randomly came up with this, so please don't judge anything that doesn't look too good. I'm still just starting as a writer, so I'm not that experienced with things like this. I hope you understand if updates are slow too, because I'm still trying to fix a glitch on my other story and finish the second chapter...

  • Wendigo Deku
    468 4 8

    This is my first story so don't judge me if it's bad. Deku's life isn't too good, so he decides to take Katsuki's advice and jump off the roof, but he decides to wait til the last day of school. While walking to school for the last day, he decides to go into the woods for a bit since he has time, though something happ...

  • The Boy
    25.7K 780 14

    When Izuku Midoriya was 4 years old he lived with his alcoholic and abusive family. He was recommended it to UA highschool by All Might himself. Izuku never told All Might that his Quirk was All for One his father's quirk. Izuku asks like he was the happiest person in the world. But when the family's abuse gets worse...

  • The black night
    575 37 15

    Heyo ! So this is my first fanfic and I am open for constructive criticism. Anyways this is a vigilante Deku au

  • Multiverse of Izuku Midoriya and Friends
    37.8K 467 15

    CLASS 1-A IS IN TROUBLE They're looking at the multiverse, and we have a toxic community and....... that's it watch them suffer from stupid idea from Tik Tok or random shit from other fandoms Updates Saturday-ish Small Break Stress has got to me so has anxiety so when that dies down I'll finish

  • Accidents, they happen
    76.7K 3.1K 49

    ✘︎тнιѕ ιѕ α тєχт/¢нαт ℓιкє fσямαт/ѕтσяу✘︎ Small boi: Oh wow... Lord explosion: shit... Lord explosion: look what you just saw forget you seen it. ⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣⊢⊣ Au: No quirks ♥︎ started | 8/3/19 ★ Ended | ??/??/??

  • 💦 Freaky Dancer 💦
    3.8K 101 13

    When Bakugo Katsuki is forced to attend one of his friend's bachelor parties, he sure as hell doesn't expect to end up getting a lapdance from a hot, yet adorable male stripper (who he ends up falling for) . . . . This story contains! Grammar problems!🤷‍♀️ 🥃Drinking 💊Drug Use💉 striptease😈 Bakugou Katsuki Swears...

    Completed   Mature
  • 「Translucent」«BNHA»
    565 19 10

    [Deku Quirk AU] ՏՍաաаяу <><><><><> Izuku blankly stared at his reflection, seeing the people behind him smiling at his appearance. People only he could communicate with. U.A. huh? He wonders how that would turn out. ========== Book #1 ========== Cover made by me. Picture is not mine. I do not own BNHA/MHA BNHA/MHA b...

  • Breaking Point •Katsudeku Note AU•
    27.2K 1.1K 11

    ♡Everyone has a breaking point. Even the 'always happy pure cinnamon roll', Izuku Midoriya. To express himself, Izuku has written letters to his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugou. (Kacchan) Will Bakugou be able to find Izuku in time? Or will he find himself guilty and lost for words? Can Bakugou save Izuku?♡ •~~~~~...

  • Feeling For You (Bakudeku) Soulmate AU
    38K 1.3K 8

    Bakugo lives in a world where everyone has a soulmate. When you see that person for the first time, there's a feeling that the empty void you once held, is filled with the past sorrows of the other person. A deep connection from the moment you lock eyes. But what happens when you feel it too young? Or, when you feel i...