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  • My Cousins Best Friend Dean X Reader
    13.7K 380 33

    When your cousin comes back from a job with his best friend who he always talks about, your cousin wants you to meet him. Why wouldn't he want you to meet him? He did save your cousins life.

  • Fearless ∞ Dean Winchester
    16.7K 600 4

    in which a boy and a girl can no longer hide their feelings for one another. ✖✖✖✖ Season 1.

  • TORN [A Dean Winchester Fanfiction]
    43.3K 1.3K 16

    The lights began to flicker. "Dean?" Her voice was shaking slightly as she calls out for him. Suddenly her body grows stiff, her breath visible as the air chills around her. She breathes out shakily, unsure of what to do now. She swallowed hard, looking around the warehouse, the few already flickering lights giving o...

  • desire » dean winchester
    75.8K 1.8K 12

    ❝You always know how to make me feel, sometimes I even want to squeal. My desires for you, always grew. Because, I only want you.❞ seasons 4 - ? {DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY SCRIPTS OF SUPERNATURAL. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE WRITERS}

  • Unusual | Supernatural
    144K 3.3K 27

    They found her weak and almost dead in Crowley's monster prison, guarded by a dozen demons. The Winchester brothers instantly knew she was special and powerful just by the precautions Crowley had taken towards her: protective symbols littering the walls, floors and ceilings. Dean was the one who found her and decided...

  • Dean Winchester Imagines/Oneshots
    47K 1.2K 17

    This is a book of DeanxReader . Title tells it all. Enjoy! Requests are CLOSED! *do not own Supernatural characters, Supernatural events, and reader.

  • Love on the Rocks (Dean Winchester Love Story)
    343K 6.4K 17

    Christine Dawes was young when her dad died on a hunt gone wrong and taken in by John Winchester. Now all grown up and skilled in kicking demon ass she has to help Sam and Dean find there dad. Thing between Chris and Dean are heating up. All that sexual tension that has been pent up for almost 15 years is about to bur...

  • The life of a hunter (Dean Winchester love story )
    103K 2.4K 37

    Katelyn Mariah Walker is an incredible hunter. Growing up as the best friend to the winchester's is not an easy task. Kate always felt a romantic pull towards Dean, while Sam was like the brother she never had. When Dean calls and asks for her help finding John, she picks up a pistol and hits the road. Will the relat...

  • Live For The Hunt (Dean Winchester love story)
    5.4K 193 5

    Katelyn Walker and the Winchester boys have overcome obsticle after obsticle. From killer invisible clows, to haunted rasict trucks. After the devistating death of Their father John, the trio rely on eachother more than ever. Since discoveringThe Yellow Eyed demon that killed their mother all they can do is try to fin...

  • Supernatural: Season One Dean Winchester Love story
    39.5K 1.4K 77

    Kylie has known the ways of hunting for as long as she can remember. Raised by her father she was taught that hunting was the only way of life and together they had to kill the demon that killed her mother when she was six months old. After her father died by the hands of a demon she is sent to live with family friend...

  • Secrets Will Kill You {Supernatural FanFic}
    612K 16.1K 65

    There are plenty of hunters out there that have their own story to tell...plenty of people who have had their lives altered by the work that we do...but their stories are irrelevant to the events that are about to be unfolded. The story I'm about to tell you isn't about a damsel in distress and a handsome hero who fal...

  • Secrets Will Kill You: The Sequel
    285K 7.4K 76

    My name's Melissa Stern...I'm really screwed up, dark and's hard for me to understand love him...well it's hard NOT to love him...and that's also another problem. Because love gets in the way of getting the job clouds your head...and if your keeping might ju...

  • Killing Me Slowly (Third Book to the Secrets Will Kill You Series)
    145K 3.8K 85

    The normal life is what they have always craved but when it comes to this particular "family business" once you're in you're in for good. And this family has been to Hell and back for each other, literally. The past year was hard on everyone, especially Melissa and Dean, but what happens when their supposed Hell-boun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Revived (Fifth Book in Secrets Will Kill You Series)
    9.1K 319 14

    Here's to the unsung heroes who deserve recognition but do not ask for it and who continue to fight. Long live our kings and queens who rule with an open mind. Cheers to the people who unite as one when it matters the most. Dean, Sam, Melissa and Brittney are the unsung heroes of our time. Eric Kripke is our king...

  • untouchable || a supernatural story
    1.3K 80 20

    Dean Winchester and Tessa Lynn were brought together by the supernatural world. She was raised thinking it to all be myths and stories, but he knew it to be very real, and very terrifying. When Tessa was four, she had her first, but not last, brush with the supernatural world. Then again at twenty-one. And after Dean...

  • The Long Drive {Supernatural}
    633K 18.6K 23

    [BOOK ONE - COMPLETE] She's not human. Her soul sings to all things. She has a soul bearing "Lucifer's Curse." When God created humans, it piqued the curiosity of the few major angels. They liked his design, and they used it to shape their own creature from the dust of stars. Thus, a creature known as a Curtanis was b...

  • The Darkest Road {Supernatural: Book Two}
    211K 6.3K 18

    [BOOK TWO] One of the few creatures in the world that could bring you to your knees in seconds made herself welcome in the hearts of the Winchesters. With John Winchester dead, all Roslyn has left is Sam and Dean. The three are clinging to each other now more than ever, seeking solace in all the destruction that has b...

  • Jensen Ackles x Reader ~ Imagines
    35.9K 1.2K 11

    I've been asked to upload more stories of Jensen x Reader stories that are like small cute scenes, talking and whatnot. So here are imagines I have uploaded on tumblr. some miht bepretty long, like one-shots, and other shorter like a single scene.

  • Photoshoot - Jensen Ackles x Reader
    11.1K 489 1

  • Serendipitous (A Jensen Ackles FanFic)
    43.3K 1.3K 23

    Serendipitous: occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way Brooke never expected to meet a well-known celebrity actor Jensen Ackles on her daily coffee run before work. She also never expected to fall for him so quickly. *Cover Creds to @haley_dawn16

  • Golden (Dean Winchester x OC)
    149K 4.5K 13

    Janis Golden meets Dean and Benny in Purgatory, where she is looking for her sister Louise. After Dean escapes Purgatory without Janis, he never expects to see her again, but is proven wrong about her death when he receives a phone call from an unknown number with a familiar voice on the other end. Dean must open up a...

  • Moving On and Letting Go
    7.4K 308 11

    Breakups are hard. Finding out your long term boyfriend was cheating on you is even harder. Throw in an unexpected pregnancy and finding out the supernatural exists and you've set the stage for an emotional breakdown. Enter Dean Winchester. He's kind, supportive, and more than willing to step up and be the father of y...

  • I Was No One Special
    319 5 5

    Dean x Prophet!Reader Summary: What happens when Sam and Dean stumble across a shy girl who just so happens to be the key to finding the answers they have been looking for.

  • The Frayed Ends of Sanity // Sister!Winchester
    935 40 10

    Y/N Winchester was the sweet, innocent younger sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. After a fight between her and her eldest brother, she is abducted by Lucifer himself, who turns her into someone completely different. Someone feral and psychotic. Something that will be the perfect weapon against the Winchester brothers.

  • Angel - Supernatural
    16.3K 525 29

    Book 1 'Season 4 & 5' This is a fem!Castiel story. It will follow the plot except that Castiel is a girl. So it's basically a genderswap story about Castiel. Enjoy!

  • Wicked Games ~ Supernatural Book 2
    10.3K 297 30

    'Book 2' fem!Castiel story Season 6 - 8

  • Forbidden Love ~ Supernatural Book 3
    15.1K 441 40

    'Book 3' Fem!Castiel Slowly but surely it's going to becom a Destiel story. Season 9 - 11