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  • Lost Titles
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    Lost Titles is a collection of short stories that celebrate diversity in writing with stories of several different genres, sub-genres, lengths and styles. Whether you enjoy Romance, ChickLit, Teen Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal or Science Fiction, you are sure to find something to your likin...

  • Slings & Arrows
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    It's a mistake to assume I'm a chubby-cheeked cherub, floating around and shooting arrows at pedestrians. We tried that once, in 1456, and let me tell you: It was a terrible idea.

  • Four Minutes
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    It takes the human mind four minutes to fall in love. So how do millenials transform four minutes into the mere ten seconds it takes to swipe right or left? Cupid herself explores it in this one-shot story. ~HONORABLE MENTION IN THE MILLENNIAL CUPID CONTEST~

  • (L)oving (O)ut (L)oud
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    A Haiku: My dear earth dwellers I aim to bring you passion So why the smart phone? ~Signed, Cupid 💕 ______________________________ How would Cupid respond to the millennial, modern-day approach to love? A short story prompt by @TeenFiction . ❤️ Update: I'm so thankful to announce that this story won an Honorable Cup...

  • Amor | #MillennialCupidContest | ✔️
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    How does Cupid help find love in the digital age? He doesn't do it. He has other priorities. He has his colleagues to do the millennial generation; the lowest of the lows, the Humilis. __________________________ Pulchra loves making humans fall in love. They enjoy observing human's reactions, but after a small error...

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    [this book includes my winning entry in cupid's 2018 halloween contest] This book has prompts from contests, tags, and short stories. Essentially a bunch of random writing. Most kotlc oneshots go in my other story, but this one includes other oneshots. All rights reserved, no plagiarizing permitted. This will be updat...

  • King Of Hearts
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    Halloween Cupid Contest Winner 2018 Love is never fair. Especially not for Cupid.