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  • A Vigilante Barista [Vigilante deku, dadzawa]
    58K 3.6K 28

    Izuku is a professional hacker that uses his hacking skills as well as physical strength to fight crime. Izuku works in a small cafe as a barista, one which pro hero Aizawa frequents. Aizawa had been struggling to gain information about a vigilante that had been solving impossible crimes and taking down villains. Lit...

  • Escape. (Alice in borderland x reader)
    32.3K 394 10

    Its an Alice in borderland x reader story because I've think I've read all of the ones that are already made on this app and I wanted more- So I wrote one. Also I might accidentally favorite Chishiya so- please forgive me if and when I do. Er- I just realized I made an error, I forgot to mention that this a female rea...

  • live or die [chishiya shuntaro]
    148K 4.7K 38

    ON HOLD a story about y/n l/n, who is now stuck in the borderland. she makes friends, seeing countless deaths, and maybe love? ⚠️⚠️ mentions of: death, blood, betrayal, and torture. i would suggest you to not continue if these kind of things affects you. thank you very much.⚠️⚠️ she/her pronouns is used in this ff. s...

  • How Not To Summon A Demon [Kimetsu No Yaiba Reader Insert]
    789K 29.7K 50

    Giyuu Tomioka picked up a scroll that was dropped by one of the demons he killed, curiosity kills the cat. He end up summoning a very powerful demon..... Giyuu Tomioka x Reader x Slight! Various Possible : Giyuu X Reader X Rengoku

  • Freeze Frame
    3.2M 191K 135

    There are plenty of quirks nobody has ever heard of. They pop up all the time. With each new generation comes a wave of possibilities for power, and for new breeds of hero to be born.The hero business is getting more powerful by the day, so you have to have one hell of a quirk to make it. Lillian Faust did not think s...

  • That Day // Villain Deku
    352K 9.4K 67

    That day, they didn't know what they had lost. Izuku Yagi was born quirkless. His sister, Izumi Yagi, on the other hand, had an extremely powerful quirk that could match One For All―her father's quirk. While his parents praised Izumi, Izuku was mindlessly neglected and shoved aside like he was nonexistent. After s...

  • Deku: The Villain of Hope
    218K 5.6K 52

    I own nothing. This is a new story about what would happen if Izuku Midoriya ran away from home but the League of Villains found him. The cover was made for me by SuperStriker642. They did amazing!

  • The Secret (Villian Deku)(COMPLETED)
    288K 6.7K 35

    This is a Fanfiction based off of BNHA, or My Hero Academia. Instead of a reality where the main character, Izuku Midoriya, is born without a quirk, he develops quite a... how do I put it... a villain's quirk. He is made fun of for this quirk that would be better for evil and decides they're right. He joins the league...

  • The Truth is Revealed
    148K 4.9K 9

    Teams 7,8,9, and 10 are going on a team building exercise, to help with team work. Everyone is excited to go, mostly Naruto since he gets to leave the village for a whole week, avoiding the fox hunt. As he is on the trip he starts to drop his little act piece by piece.

  • I Love You Asshole! (KidxReader)
    6.7K 210 3

    !I don't own the Characters| They belong to Eiichiro Oda! My first story..! There could be spelling mistakes cause I'm from Germany

  • The Perks of being a Jinshuruki
    28.4K 960 8

    Pain in his veins. His tears are what make the ocean. Emotionally unstable. His past keeps haunting his soul. His mask already broken way too many times. Anger pounding against his chest. He knows he will never be happy in this cruel, cruel world. He considers that he should let himself become the monster they claim h...

  • Invincible (Villain!!! Deku)
    63.7K 1.7K 10

    Izuku sacrifices himself for All Might's sake during an attack on the school by All for One. But his real mission was to kill Izuku never All Might. What are they planing? How will the students of class 1A react? (Just my sad attempt at a Villain Deku story. Hope you enjoy it.)

  • Naruto's Life
    127K 3.5K 5

    What of Kakashi turns into a Dog? What if he found out about Naruto life?

  • Naruto the hidden ANBU
    69.8K 1.6K 15

    Naruto was almost 4 years old when he lost his sight. He was tortured since he was a baby and that changed him from the happy and excited kid that loved everything and everyone into the fearless captain that everyone feared and respected. He is still very kind and helps the villagers even thou they were torturing and...

  • Naruto's Secret (Naruto Fanfiction)
    185K 5.4K 11

    Naruto Uzumaki is an orphan and an only child. But, who has been raising him? The Third Hokage was always busy, so the small infant had to care for himself from time to time. A mysterious person has been raising him ever sine Naruto was baby. Who is this person and what is his relationship with Naruto?

  • What happens Then? (Completed)
    154K 4.6K 54

    What happens if the slime monster never escapes all might? What happens when Bakugo's bullying gets worse? What happens when Midoriya's mother dies? What happens when Midorya Tries to suicide but can't seem to die? What happens when Midorya joins the league of villians? What happens then? ~I do not own My hero academ...

  • The Killing Power (Villain Deku)
    202K 5.7K 32

    Izuku Midoriya. He knew he had a quirk. Even the doctor said so. Then, why didn't he have it yet? Being a late bloomer and being called quirkless is hard enough. But when it manifests, things change. For better, or worse? You be the judge #1 in Insanity 11/05/19 #1 in VillainDeku 11/05/19 #1 in VillainAU 22/02/21 #1...

  • the demon inside (ON HOLD)
    53.4K 1.2K 20

    the hero's get an anonymous tip about an underground quirk fighting arena, what happens when the students of UA find out about Bakugou's deadly friend? read the demon inside to find out. -Deku has Meliodas' powers because I can -bakudeku -slight smut (that was a lie. there's a lot. who needs a solid plotline am I righ...

  • The Secrets I've Kept - Book 1 ((naruto fanfic) UNDER MAJOR EDITING)
    228K 6.5K 56

    Uzumaki Naruto wishes to complete his mission without much difficulty. The last Uchiha, a lazy Hatake, and a shrieking Haruno make this a bit difficult. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ This is an Anbu Naruto fic, yes he will be smart, and yes he will be OP. I was twelve when I wrote this so the first dozen chapters or so are pretty rou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing to your Everything
    35.6K 1.6K 21

    Luffy dreads the day he'll meet his soulmate. Law can't wait for it. Or, That one soulmate LawLu au, where the thing your beloved loves most about you is written on your skin. Two lovers struggle to find their footing in a hurricane of strife. Disclaimer- I don't own one piece or any of its characters. Any videos or...

  • •The Assassin's Teacher• ((Saiki K. x Assassination Classroom Crossover))
    161K 6.3K 94

    Saiki Kusuo; a once normal teenager in P.K Academy, but after a series of events caused by Kusuke's large mouth, the government found out about Saiki's psychic powers and put him straight to the newest assassination program: killing Koro-Sensei in class E-3. With a bland attitude and energetic students. Saiki doesn't...

  • Hot teacher? (Law x Luffy)
    48K 2.2K 18

    Luffy's in his last year of high school. What will happen when he falls in love with his new teacher? (Lawlu~)

    144K 2.6K 44

    By UchihaMax21, Please don't copy! ______________________________ In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto mentioned to Sasuke that their roles could've easily reversed, like Naruto being the one thinking of dreadful thoughts like revenge, and Sasuke is the one who tries to rescue him, so if that really happens, what battles shal...

  • Assemble ~ Trafalgar Law x Reader
    31.6K 2.2K 10

    Your only android, Sid has seen his last days... Now you have to get a new android from The Donquixote Auction House. Lets hope its worth the trouble.

  • The burning will of fire 🔥
    123K 1.4K 24

    Naruto was ignored and shunned by his parents for there little daughter yumi to them. She was the Kyuubi holder and for they didn't know naruto had the Kyuubi's soul and what yumi had was mere few amounts of chakra.-being hurt abused by villagers what will naruto do? What will happen if a person came into naruto's lif...

  • A Wish on a Comet (Luffy x OC)
    86.4K 4.1K 55

    For years, people doubted her about other worlds being real. They shunned her and even called her parents crazy. Well, the joke is on them for after seeing the inter-dimensional comet, the Timore comet, and making a wish to leave her world, Rose Catone finds her life turned upside down when she wakes up on the deck of...

  • Rise
    13.2K 188 6

    Naruto was banished from his village at age 5.Over the next 9 years of traveling the elemental he made a name for himself the was feared in all four corners of the earth. Pranking Demon from Hell. Disclaimer:I don't Naruto any other anime.Or the picture

  • The Color of Blush ~ A Tsukasa x Reader Fanfiction ~ Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun
    489K 18.5K 45

    She is a high school girl who has been able to see spirits since she was five. He is a sadistic apparition who loves the color of her face when she blushes. After a fateful encounter which almost ended in tragedy, he is determined to keep her happy so he can see that color again and again. A Tsukasa x Reader Fanfic

  • High School Detective - Daisuke Kambe x Reader
    39K 1.6K 20

    Y/N L/N is your typical high school girl. Homework, due dates, and projects all seem to surround her life. At least, that's what everyone thinks. By night, she is working around the clock, catching criminals and help solving forgotten cases, on a private website that can only be accessed with a code. Until one day...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only In a Dream (Saitama x Reader)
    70.4K 2.9K 22

    You were normal. You had a normal job, normal apartment and a normal life, but every night was the same. When you went to sleep all you saw was him...who is this mysterious dream man, can you find him, or better yet will you fall for him? This is a Saitama x Reader. If you don't like him then don't read it!