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  • GBG & Associates // oneshots
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    NOT X READER Boy x Boy. Thanks. i take requests and i ship them all cause theyre cute lesbians if you hate on any of them, take that to instagram cause this is a toxic-person-free.. book. thanks. The title is a quote from the podcast- the smii7y episode.

  • GBG/BBS x reader one shots
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    I can't write a full story so here i am I might do some ships but it'll mostly be x readers The cover was drawn by Scotty144 on Tumblr

  • treasure : gbg imagines
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    " treasure, that is what you are, " shitty imagines for the best people xo -mccreamyy

  • gbg oneshots
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    boy x boy gbg oneshots // requests open

  • Gay Baby Gang ships
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    This will most certainly be epic. No but seriously, these stories are going to be 100% gay, because I mean, I'm 100% gay lol. I'll be exploring all sorts of ships between the gbg guys, and I'm not too sure how active I'll be with making these stories, but I'll try to make them worth your while! These stories will be h...

  • bbs / gbg one shots !
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    man i tried

  • tobyonthetele one shots
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    I haven't seen many Toby stories or one shots around, so I am making a whole book dedicated to them :)

  • One-Shots! | GBG
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    i always have prompts for stories and i never end up finishing them so here is a collection of oneshots, gay baby gang edition. { warnings: they will be placed at the beginning of the chapter if necessary, but most of these will be boyxboy. also will include friends }

  • gbg love
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    heya it's cynthia a book about all your favorites. our boys that we call the gay baby gang or some of them as xd gang/clan and the misfits. this book will share some scenarios, one shots, and more! it's just great to show some love for our favorite boys. this book is made on a shared account. i share it with two of m...

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    ( adjective. ) full of fun and high spirits

  • - ɢʙɢ/ᴍɪsғɪᴛs ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇs
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    i daydream a lot, and I decide to put them into words

  • GBG oneshots
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    sometimes i'm gay and soft and this is how i cope.

  • oneshots
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    honestly it's mostly things i can't be bothered making into a full story mostly kryoz x ____ gbg & bbs fluff highest- #99 in blind

  • gbg imagines
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    oneshots about my favourite boys - the gay baby gang

  • Gay baby gang one shots
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    The misfits podcast gave me a load of ideas so say hello to a new one-shot book. + racooneggs & callmecarson

  • [gbg oneshots]
    6.7K 190 9

    a little collection of stories about the misfits/gay baby gang

  • yeet ~ a book of tobyonthetele and kryozgaming oneshots
    1.7K 77 9

    just a bunch of oneshots and little stories and stuff (may contain some smut) involving kryozgaming, tobyonthetele and probably the rest of the gay baby gang eventually. enjoy :) also if you have any requests please leave them on the first chapter or message them to me. thank you <3 started: 7/27/18 completed: -/-/-

  • gbg oneshots
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    where I cover popular ships and rare ones within the gbg fandom, hopefully a bible for all us fans maybe.

  • elixir ➳ gbg headcanons
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    hcs and imagines with our favorite boys [requests are open]

  • Soft GBG Imagines
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    A whole lotta SOFT gay baby gang imagine uwu (that was so gay im sorry) anyways read if you want

  • gbg imagines
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    only imagines for the most amazing people.

  • misfits // gbg oneshots
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    just some gbg oneshots ONLY GAY SEX!!!!! MALES FUCKING!!!! just joshing ya! hahaha, it's fluff and sometimes angst, NO smut on MY christian server ! >:(

  • gbg one-shots
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    oneshots of the "gay baby gang" ;) send requests!

  • GBG one shots.
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    they put the GAY in gay baby gang

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    its literally just kritz oneshots

  • smii7y & friends x reader
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    a bunch of different one- or multi- part stories about smii7y and his friends (request if you want something in particular)

  • Krii7y You Heckers
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    -Krii7y Oneshots And Rambles For Your Needs

  • oneshots
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    hey! this is a book of bbs/gbg one-shots. it's a bunch of shit i just wanted to write- there's also a lot of stuff from my tumblr on here, but there's also some wattpad-exclusives. also these oneshots are mostly kryoz-centric, but not entirely lole

  • sdmn texts
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    pm me requests