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  • The Seven Kingdoms (Book 1) - Ongoing
    45K 1.6K 14

    Jasmine's dreams of becoming a marine biologist went up in smoke when she started growing scales and answered the Ocean's Call. Talking animals, merpeople, and magic became part of the every day fabric of her life. Unfortunately, not everyone under the sea was friendly. After her new home was attacked, things quickly...

  • Edge of the Veil
    503K 2.6K 5

    ★★ The following is a three-chapter sample of Edge of the Veil. Available on Amazon Sept. 10, 2019★★ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 8/30/2018-9/21/2018 Between living with her over-protective brother, and working long shifts at a diner, Lexie has no time for a social life, leaving her clueless when it comes to the opposite...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stephen
    23K 1.7K 41

    [Complete, Editing] Captain Stephen James, a feared pirate in the year 1702. While he and his crew captured and raided Empress Rose, one of the largest merchant vessels of its time, they'd awakened something far more Darker and Sinister then they could've ever imagined, a Vampire. After they had unleashed the monste...

  • Still the One (Book 2 in the Four of Us Trilogy)
    21.3K 2K 53

    **ATTENTION! This is a sequel to Not the Only One. Please please don't read any further until you read it! - SPOILERS ahead! All of the characters will be returning in some form for the sequel** It's been two and a half years since Miles and Luke Salazar became overnight millionaires. Miles and Rachel Cross have moved...

  • Daughter of Nox
    21.3K 2.1K 44

    2018 WATTYS LONGLIST // WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Founders have it all. Beautiful homes, prestigious schooling, extraordinary wealth -- it's all part of the life guaranteed to the Ministry's ruling class, and it's the life sixteen year old Freya Arma was born into. Set to Ascend to her father's seat as First Marshall, Fr...

  • Not the Only One (Book 1 in the Four of Us Trilogy)
    46.8K 5.3K 84

    When we don't know who to turn to, sometimes we turn to the ones we least expect. Luke Salazar is a senior at Bay High School, and he's been pushed, shoved, and shut out for most of his life. Miles Jefferson has been the ringleader of a lot of that torment, but he has secrets that no one else knows. Rachel Cross is th...

  • Twists in the Life of a Spinster
    292 90 3

    All is not what it seems in this tale of Viking/Anglo-Saxon lust and love... I wrote this story after being inspired by a photo of a young woman in Viking dress using a spindle. I wondered what it would like to be her. Here's the result. I hope you enjoy it!

  • The Academy
    18.1K 2.3K 56

    *Ranked 2nd in Work in Progress on 9 May* *Ranked 26th in Science Fiction on 21 May* Nicholas Stryder is finally leaving the space colony he grew up on. He has passed the mysterious exam, and gained entrance into the illustrious Academy. Do well at the Academy, and he can finally complete his dream of becoming a D...