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    @Igotyesjams: I have a huge dick. @fetusboi: wut

  • ➵ Black Roses; ✓
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    ❝You're so beautiful, yet hidden.❞ ceo!tae Taehyung kept himself to himself. Well. That was until he met Y/N. What started off as a so-called "interest" soon grew into something more, but there was always something holding the two back from admitting their feelings for each other. One day, something terrible happens a...

  • ➵ Merman; ✓
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    ❝Falling in love with you - it was... forbidden. But it seems like my heart broke the rules for you, Y/N,❞ -Everything changed that one day. Y/N was an ordinary girl, breezing through school without too much difficulty, and enjoying whatever came her way. But things change. When something a little out of the ordinary...