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  • Heck Is A Bad Word || Brendon Urie x Reader || B•U
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    "Hey, you bitch in the center." At a Panicky Dick concert, you manage to fuck up Brendon Urie's show. . . Enough to make him fall in love with your fine ass. He begins to constantly fuck with your heart with coffee, duets, his stupid ass puns, and he never fails to find a way to make you hate him less. But when you a...

  • Cole's day
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    Follow popular vine star, Cole Hersch, as he embarks on many challenging and exciting adventures with his friends, foes, and frangers, along with his small astronaut.

  • The Wigglytons
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    Aight so I deleted this not knowing awsten and travis read it so like??? Here's the reupload of The Wigglytons aka a dumbass tv show :)

  • Ryan Ross Imagine
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  • My Shirt Is White - A Complicated Love Story
    24 2 1

    My Shirt is White is a beautiful Netflix original starring Brittney De Lastnam'e and Josh Sanchez. Brittney is the talk of the town and is the coolest girl around. However, she bears a deep, dark secret; her parents are awful! Like, in the embarrassing way. They always say mushy gushy things around Brittney, call her...

    173 22 9

    comedic yeehaw sketch.

  • Jackolas And Janefret UwU Lov Foc Fur Anna UwU
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    because anna got to 900 i made this Disclaimer i don't own any of the people or characters i referenced, mentioned Harry Wells is the property of DC and CW and whoever else owns the character.

    Completed   Mature
  • Little land of panic
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    I hate that I'm making this

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    mainly "roses are red" poems i make these a lot