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  • Amy Riddle - Daughter of the Dark Lord (A Voldemort's Daughter Story)
    236K 7.2K 35

    Amy is a normal teenage witch. She lives her everyday life in complete normality. The one thing that separates her from the rest of the wizarding world is the fact that Lord Voldemort is her father. She is sent to Hogwarts to spy on Harry Potter and his friends. Like any other student, she is faced with schoolwork, O...

  • Lynx Malfoy (A Harry Potter FanFiction)
    2.5M 52.8K 52

    So, everyone knows who Draco Malfoy is... but did you know he had a sister? Lynx Malfoy is loved by her older brother Draco, but he chooses He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named over her because he simply doesn't want to die. Now Lynx is hated by her parents and now must go to the family that the Malfoy's hate most.... the Weasley...

  • The Daughter of a Riddle Master
    14.4K 214 79

    Amelie Riddle is the daughter of Lord Voldemort and Nagini. Unfortunately, she lives with her godparents Lucius Malfoy, his wife Narcissa Malfoy and their horrid son, Draco Malfoy, who have made her life and her younger sister Lucy's life miserable. Then, by some bizarre miracle, she is accepted into Hogwarts School o...

  • The Sins of a Father
    277K 6.2K 38

    Raven Evans has known only two things about her biological parents. 1) her mother, Lily, died by the hand of a dark wizard and 2) her mother's husband, James Potter was not her father. Now she must grow up in the muggle world knowing that she's different, but once she finds out that Harry Potter is not only a famous...

  • The Other Aunt (A Harry Potter fanfiction)
    1.6M 45.6K 32

    What if Lily Evans had another sister? What if that sister was a marauder and an animagus? What if she married Remus? And what if she found out Harry was alive when he was in second year and got him from the Dursleys and became a Professor at Hogwarts? *I do not own Harry Potter!*

  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness
    18.1K 200 14

    An illustrated novel following Neville, Ginny, Luna, and the D.A. through the 1997-1998 school year at Hogwarts. Will Dumbledore's Army succeed in fighting back against the reign of Snape and the Carrows? *** "If you have the time to read a full length fanfiction, this one takes the cake. Andrew Blake provides a detai...

  • Order of the Phoenix - Harry Potter Twin Sister Book 5
    11.7K 338 18

    //If you haven't read my other four books I suggest doing that before going onward// With my family and friends becoming closer and everyone older than us joining the secret society called the Order of the Phoenix, it doesn't seem like the coming year is going to be at all quiet. After all, Voldemort came back last ye...

  • Goblet of Fire - Harry Potters twin sister book 4
    32K 980 25

    -If you haven't read book one, two and three do that first- \\Book 4// My names Lyla Potter and this is my fourth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Together with my brother Harry, two best friends Hermione and Ron, and my boyfriend (yes I have one) Dean, I reckon its going to be an awesome year. But...

  • Murder - Harry Potters twin sister book 3
    46.2K 1.6K 25

    -If you haven't read book one and two do that first- \\Book 3// I'm Lyla Potter and this year I go into my third year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have my brother Harry Potter, my two best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and my newly found boyfriend Dean Thomas. I can just feel that this y...

  • Possessed - Harry Potters twin sister book 2
    35.6K 1K 15

    -If you haven't read book one do that first- \\Book 2// Hi, i'm Lyla Potter. Yes "The boy who lived" as he is called is my twin brother but what's the big deal, he only fought off Voldemort as a baby before facing him again when he was eleven. This year i'm sure there is to be plenty of work, I just hope Voldemort doe...

  • Harry Potters Twin sister book 1
    107K 2.7K 16

    \\Book 1// She was crying, her Mum was screaming and her Dad couldn't be heard. Laying next to Harry, Lyla hugged onto her brother as the unknown man advanced on their cradle, a huge boom, sounded before the man mysteriously disappeared. Lyla and Harry fell into a deep sleep, their tired minds trying their hardest to...

  • Travel Through Time
    103K 2.8K 24

    A classic plot line. You know the story: When James Potter steals a time turner from his dad, Harry Potter's office, and breaks it, he send himself, Lily, Albus, Victorie, Rose and Hugo back to 1995. With the next generation meeting their young parents and all the people who died, what will happen? Just how exactly do...

  • Mini Potter
    49.3K 1.2K 32

    Meet Alyssa Lillian Potter. she is the younger sister of the boy who lived Harry Potter and was there the night her parents were killed. but there are differences between her and Harry one being she looked more like Lily then there's the fact that the sorting hat doesn't put her in Gryffindor. watch how she copes with...

  • Amaranth (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)
    23.6K 702 22

    Julia Smith finds out that she is a witch and that she will be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She explores the Wizarding World with the help of Hermione Granger Weasley. Throughout her first year she has to balance her studies, and friendships. What happens when she finds out about a secret that...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 6
    16.4K 911 9

    Book 6 of When Myths Meet Magic. The reign of the cruel pink toad is over, but not all is well. Sirius is dead. Harry blames Percy, Percy blames himself. Friendships are tested, rivalries are broken, and differences are made permanent. Bitterness is what started the rift, and it seems there's no way to mend it. Fand...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 5
    218K 10.2K 49

    Book 5 of When Myths Meet Magic. Harry has a problem. Several, actually. One of them is his social life, one of them is shaped like a toad, and one of them is missing a nose. Not to mention the old headmaster giving him the silent treatment. Ron and Hermione aren't the only ones there to keep Harry's spirits up, but t...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 2
    291K 11.6K 30

    Book 2 of When Myths meet Magic. Four more demigods join Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia at Hogwarts, which you would think is enough pain in itself. But when a cat turns up mysteriously petrified and Harry is revealed to be a Parselmouth, things get even more complex. Fandom time period: Takes place after The Blo...

  • When Myths meet Magic || 3
    198K 8K 26

    Book 3 of When Myths meet Magic. It's Harry's third year when the wanted wizard Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban. How will the third year of magic change when the children of the gods are present? Fandom Time Period: Takes place after the Blood of Olympus and during the Prisoner of Azkaban. DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHI...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 4
    169K 7.4K 30

    Book 4 of When Myths Meet Magic. The triwizard tournament. A tournament that consists of three schools, three representative sorcerers, and three life-threatening courses. Just your normal competitive wizard tournament... right? Fandom Time Period: Takes place during The Goblet of Fire but after Blood of Olympus DIS...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 1 || a Percy Jackson Harry Potter crossover
    515K 18.3K 23

    When Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia get assigned a quest to protect Harry Potter, they never expected it to be back in time and in a whole different world: a world of magic. In Hogwarts, no one suspects a thing. But what happens when three young wizards find out the truth? Fandom time period: Takes place after the...

  • The 8th Weasley
    575K 14.5K 30

    Arabella has lived in a home for magical children ever since she could remember. She was unable to live with her actual family for reasons that haven't been explained to her. But once a owl from Hogwarts comes carrying an acceptance letter and Professor Albus Dumbledore comes to collect her. Her parents had an agreeme...

  • Darker than Voldemort
    192K 4.1K 27

    There's a secret about Voldemort. He has a daughter that was taken away from him. There was a rumor that the baby died. There were other rumors about the baby being killed by Voldemort, the baby being locked up, and some about the baby taken to the muggle world. The secret is that one of the rumors were true. Which on...

  • Krestena's Third Year: Prisoner of Azkaban
    9.7K 398 24

    Join Krestena's third year at Hogwarts with her friends and family. Her father has escaped Azkaban and her godfather is the new DADA teacher. How will Harry react when he finds out Krestena's father 'betrayed' his parents to Voldemort? Will Krestena still have friends when they find out who her father is? You'll have...

  • Krestena's Second Year: Book 2
    9.5K 494 18

    Time for Krestena Black's second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But what did she do during the summer holidays? Who took her to Diagon Alley? How does she cope with the attacks at school? How will she feel when Hermione gets petrified? Better yet want prank will she pull with the Weasley twins thi...

  • Krestena Rachel Black: Book 1
    25.9K 1K 18

    I know have done stories on Harry, Ron and Hermione having other siblings. But I have not done one with a friend who is not blood related. This series is about Krestena Black the daughter of Sirius Black and goddaughter of Remus Lupin. She is starting her first year at Hogwarts? How does she become friends with the go...

  • Sarafina: Book 4
    10.6K 450 19

    It is time for Sarafina Weasley's fourth year at Hogwarts. But first off she and her family are going to the Quidditch World Cup. Along with Harry and Hermione. Will Sarafina ever be friends with Draco again? Who does she go to the ball with? Why is Yuki gaining weight?

  • Sarafina Weasley: Book 5
    6.8K 335 30

    It is time for Sarafina's fifth year at Hogwarts also her O. W. Ls year. The ministry is now interfering at Hogwarts with the help of the new DADA professor. Umbridge makes a bunch of rules and even makes Dumbledore run. Also Voldemort has been trying to break into the ministry into the Department of Mysteries. Will h...

  • Sarafina Carmen Weasley: Book 1
    20.5K 884 13

    Sarafina is the older twin sister of Ronald Weasley. Even though she is only 4 minutes and 31 seconds older then Ron. She, Fred and George never let him forget he is the younger twin. She has a Siamese cat called Yuki who is only year old when Sarafina first went to Hogwarts. Sarafina is the only one who can really te...

  • Sarafina Weasley: Book 2
    14K 647 16

    Sarafina is entering her second year at Hogwarts and notices her little sister acting strangely. Her friendship with Draco Malfoy faces a terrible strain. Does she help discover the truth of the secret chamber? Does she know about Riddle's diary before Harry finds it in the bathroom? Does she help with the polyjuice...

  • Sarafina Weasley: Book 3
    17.5K 801 24

    You've seen Sarafina face Voldemort, a mountain troll, and basilisk. But how what will she do this year with the murderer Sirius Black on the loose? Want did she do in Egypt with her family? Does she finally become an animagus? Is she still friends with Draco? Picture of Sarafina on cover.