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  • Differences || Kellic
    42.8K 1.9K 20

    Vic didn't think he could love. Kellin didn't think anyone would love him. They proved each other terribly wrong in a beautiful messy way. Can a relationship between a shy boy dressed in pastel and a popular jerk ever work out?

  • Pastel Love
    12.9K 678 15

    (this is my first story so bare with me) Kellin is a shy boy who loves everything pastel and Vic is a tough looking Hispanic guy who works at a tattoo studio, what will happen when kellin gives Vic his number? Start reading to find out!

    172K 8.2K 41

    Kellin Quinn. Abused and traumatized by his adoptive parents has gone mute by choice. He will speak for no one, but can Vic Fuentes, the new kid at school break down Kellin's walls and hear his voice? Copyright 2014 @six-meths-a-day

  • Daddy's Princess
    83.8K 2.7K 25

    "Daddy" "What is it princess" "My name Kelli I tree"

  • A Freak (Kellic)
    86.6K 4.3K 41

    how much can Kellin take? the bullying , the beatings , the constant yelling at home. How long would he last? "I wanna die already. I don't want to do this anymore" he cried as he rocked himself in the bathroom stall. Everything collapsed , right when he thought today was going to be a good day. Of course Derek had t...

  • We're all mad, Dear. (Kellic)
    35.8K 2K 36

    Vic gets his diploma in psychology, and gets thrown straight into the deep end when he gets referred to Hayenwyck Hospital in Michigan. (Trigger warning?) ** fixing grammar ** Ryūjin is moving this to AO3

  • Kellic Ddlb Oneshots {Requests closed}
    86.5K 2.3K 14

    KillerforKellic requested this and I'm more than happy to provide. Officially discontinued.

  • Shortcuts (Kellic) BoyxBoy
    115K 6.9K 46

    For years when Kellin has looked in the mirror, fat is all he sees and for years he's starved himself in hopes to drop off the excess weight, that only he can see exists. Vic wishes Kellin could see what he sees, he just wants Kellin to see how perfect he knows he is. Arguments, bullying, forced meals and hospitals. C...

  • Daddy Issues || Kellic
    66.1K 4.6K 28

    "Did you ever want kids before?" "Of course I wanted kids. But I wanted them in my mid-twenties. Not at the age of seventeen." A story where Kellin has a kid at seventeen and Vic gets her as a foster placement.

  • You Stole My Heart With Your Diamond Blue Eyes (Kellic)
    204K 8.1K 35

    When Kellin Quinn is kicked out and forced to go to boarding school, what happens when his roommate is Vic Fuentes; biggest bully and douche bag in school? The story will be told from Kellin's POV unless stated otherwise. Viewer discretion is advised for there will be smut, rape, triggering thoughts, and triggering ac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Multitude || Kellic -book #2-
    2.3K 203 5

    -sequel to Daddy Issues , you will need to read that first to understand references in this book-

  • Mine || Kellic (mpreg) ✔
    173K 9.4K 50

    Kellin Quinn is a sex slave, bought at an auction by Vic Fuentes - leader of one of the most dangerous gangs in San Diego, Pierce The Veil. At first, Vic uses Kellin purely for his own sexual needs - which is the reason he bought Kellin in the first place. But, when something happens that was never meant to happen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teacher's Pet || Kellic (mpreg) ✔
    223K 12.3K 44

    -- teacher X student fic -- What happens when 17 year old Kellin Quinn, starts falling for his new English teacher, Mr. Victor Fuentes? Or worse, falls pregnant with his teachers baby? But, there's something dangerous about Mr Fuentes.

  • Many decisions (Kellic) (boyxboy) Mpreg
    130K 7.2K 54

    © Kellin a sophomore in high school. Decisions so many decisions. There are the right ones and there are the wrong ones. One decision that Kellin makes changes his life First story warning ⚠️ I'm going to go in and edit chapters soon

  • A Trophy Daddy's Trophy Little
    215K 8K 25

    Kellin has been searching for the perfect Daddy for a long time. He is introduced to a DD/LB website, where he discovers the renowned businessman and Daddy Dom, Vic Fuentes. What will happen when Kellin is shoved into the spotlight of his Daddy's giant company?

    Completed   Mature
  • Dog Days (Kellic)
    44.3K 2.7K 17

    Vic was born into a rich family. He doesn't hate his family, he hates the lifestyle. He has yet to find someone special or even a friend. Kellin is considered a low life. He isn't poor but he most definitely isn't rich. He needs to have small, after school jobs to help his family. He dislikes the rich because he feels...

  • All for Copeland *Kellic*✅
    108K 5.8K 33

    Kellin Quinn and his wife Katelynne need a babysitter for their 12 month old (1 year) daughter Copeland. 17 year old Vic takes the job. At first everything is fine until something happens and Kellin divorces his wife and gains custody of Copeland. Kellin can't raise a child on tour by himself so Vic stays to help...

  • I Knew It Was You (Kellic) (boyxboy) Mpreg
    74.8K 3.2K 39

    Sixteen years old, Kellin Bostwick starts a new life after his mom, sister, and him escapes his father. After settling into their new life, Kellin finds interest in Vic Fuentes.

  • In Reality || Kellic [boyxboy]✔
    128K 9.1K 34

    Kellin is a popular guy at school. Due to a coincidence, he meets a boy who lives out of state, Vic. The two start talking (texting) to each other, and become pretty close. What happens, when they realize, that they've been closer than they originally thought? DISCLAIMER: This is the first story I've ever written on h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue Eyed Angels (Kellic (mpreg)) (sequel to Heart Shaped Box) **DISCONTINUED**
    7.9K 601 9

    **DISCONTINUED** It's been three months since Kellin was released from the mental institution, and he and Vic have found themselves their own place. With only two months till the babies are born, the pair find themselves busy preparing for the birth of their babies. But, something lurks ahead for the pair, causing Kel...

  • Daddy's Boy |Kellic| {DD/lb}
    126K 4.2K 17

    Sometimes, a baby boy just wants a Daddy to take care of him. Sometimes, a daddy dom needs his little to take care of him. It might seem that Kellin needs Vic, even though Vic needs Kellin more than he thought he would. (^^ that was bad lol but the book is wayyyyy better. I promise<3)

  • Call Me Master
    114K 3.1K 22

    ¡Kellic! Dominant: (v.) Sexually aroused by one beings submission. Ex.: "I'm dominant, by definition; I'm turned on by your submission." *based off of 'Call Me Master' by Blood On The Dance Floor*

  • All For Attis *Kellic* MPREG ✅
    45.1K 3.3K 28

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart Shaped Box (Kellic (mpreg))
    35K 2.5K 17

    "All I have left of him, is the heart shaped box he gave me, that I keep the photos of us in. And the fact I'm carrying his kid." Kellin Quinn had it all. A great boyfriend, who loved him a lot. But an incident occurs, causing Kellin to fall into depression and thoughts of suicide. Making him get thrown into a suicide...

  • I love You and I Love It [Kellic Mpreg]
    3.1K 132 26

    My name is Kellin and I live with my father or as I call him Dumbass. He hits me because my mother left us and well he just hate my guts. I always thought I will never find love,because I'm gay and well no one like gay dudes. But one day, someone changed my life. My name is Vic and I been noticing this boy who is rea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Master {Kellic} [Book 1]
    147K 6.3K 48

    Innocent Kellin has lived with his Daddy ever since he was young enough to remember, but when his Daddy has to "go on vacation," Mister Sykes and Mister Mullins have to find someone else to take care of him. That's where Master Fuentes comes in.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Secret That I Keep || Kellic (mpreg) ✔
    110K 7K 47

    -- collab between -hawkwing and thatonekellicshipper -- Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens are both going out on tour together, but during the Collide with The Sky tour in 2012, Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes left on some, awkward terms. They had grown close during the tour, but they couldn't be together becaus...

  • second chances won't leave us alone // kellic
    1.1K 105 13

    Kellin and Vic have know each other their whole lives. The learned how to swim together. They sang together in chorus class. They fell in love like best friends do. Vic started a band. Kellin started business. The paths of life drove them apart. Can they go back to the way they were?

  • Rough || Kellic (mpreg) - sequel to Teacher's Pet - ✔
    35.1K 1.7K 32

    Sequel to Teacher's Pet, so go read Teacher's Pet first!! ---------------------------------------- After Kellin left school before anyone else could find out about his pregnancy, he moved in with his friend Lynn Gunn. But, he didn't like the fact that he was away from Vic - the father of his baby. So he had begged...