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  • The Guardian Demon (The Guardians of Nine Heavens #3)
    8.5K 574 35

    Johanne Green is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Golden City, the capital of West Land, the place where everyone has a guardian angel to protect them and guide them towards purification. Johanne's mother is the mayoress of Golden City, Linda Black, who is bonded with the mightiest of all angels, the Archangel of Crea...

  • The Guardian Spirit (The Guardians of Nine Heavens #2)
    48.5K 2.4K 46

    Lucy Caldwell suffered a disaster in her childhood - her house was burnt, which turned fatal for her parents. She grew up in a children's house together with other orphans. She could never forget the fire incident and was sure her parents were murdered, so she always wished to investigate the case when she grew old en...

  • The Guardian Angel (The Guardians of Nine Heavens #1)
    94K 4.4K 45

    Lily is the only person in Golden City who has no guardian angel, thus cannot be protected from any accidental harm. As a result, no one wants to be near her or have her as a friend, because it might cause bad accidents around. However, Lily still studies hard in a normal school and wishes to enroll in Angel Host Ac...