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  • Save the Worlds System [BL]
    19K 1K 7

    Leon is a typical shut-in who binge reads all sorts of novels to cure his boredom. However, the only reason why he never leaves his room is due to his resting bitch face and arrogant demeanour, making people think he was picking a fight with them. Well, perhaps his not so gentlemanly personality may sometimes lead him...

  • I'm Here || BakuDeku/KatsuDeku
    612K 21K 52

    [Ranked #1 in 'Katsudeku'&'Bakudeku' 23/6/18] [Ranked #1 in 'Deku' 1/7/18] "I'm here." Midoriya Izuku, an ordinary boy. Too ordinary. In a world full of people with extraordinary powers, being 'quirkless' is the worst! With his schoolboy crush on his bully, Katsuki Bakugou, Midoriya needs to either overcome it or acce...

  • USED ME [Katsuki X!Villain Deku]
    36.7K 1.2K 6

    "Now, you're going to be my slave." A BNHA FANFIC Ship: Katsuki Bakugo X !Villain Izuku Midoriya Contains: Boy X Boy, Gore, Smut, Slavery, Rape. If you find any of these disturbing, do not read the book. Started: 8/17/2018 Ended:

  • Black Blood And Shivers (BoyXBoy) [Redition]
    9.7K 358 3

    Orion, is just an ordinary boy who is blessed with the golden ticket of being the SECOND PRINCE OF WALES! He is rich, smart and talented. He has no interest in Art but his mother forces him to engage himself in Art. A prince who has never been out of the castle's protective walls is now out to face the outside world...

  • It's All In Your Head (Villain! Deku AU)
    350K 12.4K 42

    3 years ago a 15 year old boy disappeared, never to be seen by his mother, friends, or anyone again. To this day it's still a mystery as to where he went, and if he's alive. To the police, the case has gone cold, but to others people who knew Izuku... He's still out there. Some where. ~~~~~~~ This is a Villain!Deku...