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  • A Sky Full Of Stars (Natsu x Reader SEQUEL)
    2.9K 96 5

    "Hey Natsu?" "Yeah (Y/N)?" "Our love is like a sky full of stars" "What?" "No matter how far you go, it's just out of reach" When (Y/N) is kidnapped by her brother, Natsu will stop at nothing to make sure she is returning home safe and sound. But when suddenly Acnologia returns, well, let's just say... things get a bi...

  • Rouge X Reader Everyone Needs a Shadow
    19.9K 528 11

    What happens when a 4th generation dragon slayer is thrown into Fiore.

  • The Ones Who Believes In Love (Zervis,Nalu,Rowen,Jerza,Gruvia,Rogue X Reader)
    1.7K 41 6

    Mavis Vermilion and Lucy Heartfilia are step sisters.Zeref and Natsu Dragneel are brothers. Life isn't so fair. The girls meet new friends. The boys wanted to have the girls. Read to find out what will happen and what adventure will they go through. Vote and comment for the story.

  • Sting x Juvia And Rogue x Reader
    5.4K 85 11

    An ok guys I will being doing a musical book for the first time and I'm going back to school next Monday so you probably will here from me on Saturday and Fridays nights

  • Rogue x Reader
    73K 2.1K 11

    I'm (Y/n) Dreyar, an S-class music dragon slayer of the Fairy Tail guild. I always do my best for my guild and others, no matter what. However, I have a rather dark past which had lead to my strange, incredible power. I've been chased. I've been tortured. I've had my memory wiped, so I don't even know the half of wha...

  • Dragon Mating Season
    333K 8.1K 49

    This is my first fan fic so please go easy on me in the comments! Btw my dragon season is a little different. I did it my way! Please read! I do not own the characters! All rights go to the actual artists and people who thought of them and that crap. Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • Pinky Promise NatsuXReader
    2.7K 96 6

    It all started when I saw a pink haired boy playing with a white haired girl. I went to play with them after about a hour the boy promised me something. "Pinky Promise!"

  • Rogue Cheney x Reader Fanfic
    37.1K 622 44

    (Y/n) (L/n) is an Elemental Dragon Slayer with the power to control all elements in any form. When you were young your parents died leaving you to take care of your brother Michael (10) and your sister Catalina (5). Your exceed Zalia helps you to protect and entertain your siblings. Your past is a dark and unforgett...

  • To Love In Darkness (RoguexReader)
    154K 4.6K 51


  • Rouge X Reader
    8.6K 223 7

    Rouge falls in love with Sting's sister...Oh brother!!!!

  • dancing with our demons; rogue cheney
    193K 5.6K 28

    (Rogue Cheney x Reader) This was my first ever fanfic so prepare for a million grammar and spelling mistakes and also for a lot of unlogical things popping up throughout the story. I honestly won't even try and review this, I'd have to rewrite the whole thing. Read at your own risk, I guess. completed: 12/31/2014

  • I'm in love with the shadows RoguexReader
    5.8K 151 6

    You are (fn) Redfox and became one of the most powerful female wizards in Fiore since your brother and the others left. But that didn't stop you from competing in the grand magic games. You aren't known as the goddess slayer for nothing. You are a iron god slayer. You even gave up the chance to be in the #1 guild in F...

  • Dragon Mating Season: Next Generation
    748 26 2

    Sequel to my book Dragon Mating Season. It's the children of the dragon slayers and their mates finding their own mates either with each other or with other wizards.

  • The Fallen Fairy (Natsu x Reader)
    152K 4.3K 34

    You are the daughter of none other then Acnologia. You ran away and joined a guild, Fairy Tail. You are an S class wizard due to your black dragon and star dragon magic. After you ran from Acnologia you got taken in by a Star Dragon, so you used both. You were good friends with Natsu but one day you went on a job with...

  • Fairy tail (Rogue x reader) best friend's sister
    1.2K 12 6

    you join sabortooth and get to know everyone and then you discover something huge about your past and your friends..... read to find out! hey readers! this is a combined author fanfic... please be nice we are both first time writers. -megamouse107 WE DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL ALL RIGHTS GO TO HIRO MASHIMA!

  • A New Guild (Fairy Tail StiCy)
    111K 3.1K 31

    (THIS IS VERY OLD, i made this when I was 12 or something... Probably gonna delete this) It's been a year since lisanna came back to Fairy Tail, but when she came back suddenly Lucy is being ignored by the guild (except mirajane, levy, wendy,master, the raijinshuu, gray and lisanna) but lately Natsu is being really m...

  • Do You Trust The Dark? (rogue x reader)
    4.4K 108 8

    your name is (y/n) Fernandes yes you are the little sister of Jellal Fernandes after he was taken away from you and your parents got killed, you ran into the forest and find the king of the dragons Acnologia who took a liking to your bravery after standing up to him he took you in and taught you dark Dragon slayer mag...

  • Her Dark Heart (Rouge x Reader)
    57.1K 1.5K 27

    (A/N- The titles and summaries of some of my books have been mixed up somehow. I am so, so sorry about that.)

  • The Phoenix Slayer (Rogue Cheney X reader)
    6.9K 175 4

    For as long as you could remember, your childhood was dark, cruel, and lonely. It all changes when you meet Philomena, the elemental Phoenix. She teaches you elemental Phoenix slayer magic and raises you like her own. You then meet a certain shadow dragon slayer and become great friends. On the July 7th, in the year o...

  • Rogue x reader {Under Editing}
    37.6K 747 27

    Y/n is Fairy tail's 4th generation Elemental Dragon slayer. Y/n is the daughter of the Dragon queen Soshi. When she left, you were found by Makarov in the forest. Y/n went on a job on her own. She met two boys about her age on the way. All rights reserved to Hiro Mashima. None of the Characters are mine, maybe some...

  • Rogue Cheney x Reader
    45.7K 841 14

    You are a Star Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail. Rogue Cheney has always been a big fan of you. You were his childhood crush. After you left for Tenrou and never came back, he was heartbroken. Eventually he got over you. 7 years later, you and Rogue meet for the first time at the GMG as enemies. Eventually, you form a bo...

  • Days Spent Together Reader x Rogue
    5.3K 139 7

    One shot companion book to Dragon's Mate! Enough said!

  • Always and Forever (Rogue x Reader)
    4.9K 15 12

    So this is a Rouge x Reader as you can tell. I downloaded an app called Anime Face Maker which is the picture as the title. You can download it and create your self to see how you look. Anyway, you are a Ultimate Demon Dragon Princess. You can use the same magic as the dragon slayers and just like Mira, you have 3 dem...

  • The Shadows in Our Hearts (Rogue X Female!Reader)
    103K 2.8K 21

    Y/N Eucliffe is a powerful member of Fairy Tail. When she is told that she is participating in the Grand Magic Games, she couldn't be more excited. She competes for her guild, but in the process finds her long lost brother whom she doesn't remember. In fact, Y/N can't really remember her past at all. Reunited at last...

  • Her Own Tale → Natsu Dragneel
    67.9K 2.6K 16

    ► COMPLETED ◄ ❝ Save me, Natsu. Save me from my knight. ❞ What if the fairy tales are wrong all along? What if the princess was saved by the dragon instead of the knight? 〖 Natsu Dragneel x Reader 〗AU Cover made by @sugarpill- (My second account)

  • SEQUAL Sting x Juvia and Rogue x reader
    1.1K 9 11

    Guys this year has basically passed by so quick so I thought sense its about to be a year sense the first story id make a sequel I'm so thankful for 1000 and more reads thank you so much and this story wont be as cringy as the last one I was only eleven when I made that story but now im twelve and have more sense in m...

  • Light within the darkness (Completed)
    101K 4.9K 67

    It's a very big time for Sabertooth, the Grand Magic Games is going to take place very soon. No one is more excited than Y/N L/N, a moon dragon slayer who is part of a team called the Trio Dragon slayer's. Part of that team is her childhood friends Sting and Rogue. Rogue and Y/N have feeling for each-other but don't...

    Completed   Mature