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  • Spirited Away: The Return Home
    83.2K 2.9K 26

    EDITING IN PROGRESS Chihiro, now 17, isn't sure where her life is heading. Ever since her fateful encounter with the Spirit World, and a certain dragon-boy, she's yearned to return, but has never been able to do so. However. They say an act of true desperation can go a long way, so was it possibly for this reason tha...

  • Spirited Away 2: Return to The Spirit World
    141K 4.9K 27

    Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction written by moviefan-92 in All rights goes to her. I do not own this story & did not contribute to the story in any way. After Chihiro went back to the human world, things were never the same as before her stumble onto the spirit world. She felt that she didn't belong i...

  • Spirited Away 2 - Hidden Love
    199K 5.5K 30

    ((COMPLETED)) Six years have gone by and Chihiro has missed Haku so much. And when they meet again, both Haku and Chihiro are both still in love with each other, but won't admit it. Will they confess there love before Haku runs out of time? Rubbish at summaries, but please read! XD