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  • A Taste Of Payback
    1.5K 53 1

    Aubrey and Robyn are going through difficulties in their marriage... Oneshot. They're not famous in this story. English is not my first language.

  • Aubrey Can Wait
    1.1K 40 1

    In his opinion they were perfect for each other, but she didn't ask for his opinion. Fictional reality, Aubrih. Short. From Aubrey's point of view.

  • Isn't It Romantic?
    1.1K 39 1

    Her deep crimson skirt went past her knees. Her tights or stockings, he suspected rather stockings, were opaque. Her high collar was ivory. And there was something purely dirty in the way she was so covered up. Fictional reality. Aubrih. Oneshot.

  • Her Sins And His Sins
    3.3K 130 3

    This is a PREQUEL to 'A Taste Of Payback', it's about what happened before the party. There will be probably three chapters.

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    2.1K 65 1

    He didn't care. But she did. And therein laid the problem. Love triangle between Onika, Aubrey and Robyn. Fictional reality. Oneshot. From Onika's point of view.

  • Cocoon
    4.6K 147 3

    And then Drake showed up and took his- His what? His woman. "What if.." kind of story. What if Rihanna never broke up with Drake and never got back with Chris. Chris's, Robyn's and Aubrey's perspectives. Aubrih, not Chrianna-friendly. 3-part

  • You, I And Them [IP Bonus Chapters]
    1K 39 1

    Bonus chapters for Indecent Proposal.

  • Indecent Proposal
    53.7K 988 15

    It started out as a game. They had a plan. They had a deal. They only wanted to win. Aubrih story, of course. They are not famous.

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy
    774 37 1

    Bad boys always have the best lines but heroes get the girl. Oneshot. Travis, Trihvis and Aubrih.

  • Not You
    1.5K 50 2

    Drake and Rihanna have a serious conversation for the first time in months that may just spark a different feeling than expected.

  • Summer Jam
    591 21 1

    Rihanna and Drake are still dating in summer 2014 and Drake's performance causes an obvious problem with Rihanna.

  • The Media
    883 33 2

    Rihanna's become obsessed with the public's opinion about her, but Drake is there to help her get through her anxious feelings about the media.

  • Aubrih Oneshots
    17.3K 393 17

    A collection of Aubrih oneshots that'll be all different lengths, plots, timelines, etc.

  • I M M O R T A L L O V E
    7.1K 337 29

    An Aubrih fantasy romance story about a human girl named Robyn Fenty who met and fell inlove with a handsome vampire named Aubrey Graham.But will their love still the same even if Aubrey finds out that Robyn is a threat to their kind?Or will he fight the odds for her and protect her from his hungry bloodsucking breed...

    21.1K 407 13

    Robyn is the personification of the word sexy. She's the perfect blend of Classy And Savage. Seductive and Domineering. She's Funny, Charming, Hardworking and Intelligent. This Story Documents Rihanna's day to day life, with an detailed look into her relationships with past and present lovers as well as friends, fami...

  • If Only (Aubrih Short Story)
    2.5K 108 3

    Robyn decides to break things off with Hassan and get back with her ex, but when she arrives at his condo, she receives an unexpected surprise. And it's not a very good one. © -stardusts

  • The Right Mistakes (Drake and Rihanna)
    71.7K 1.1K 43

    People have to learn what's wrong and right in life. Some people make bad choices that you have to learn from. Have you ever felt like something in your life or a decision that you made was a mistake? Well lots of people have, But you grow to learn that the choices you made aren't always bad. Some just take time for y...

  • LoveGame
    15.4K 434 36

    I was going throught one of the worst years of my life my boyfriend was hurting me...I thought it'd never be better....until I met HIM "My story is definetly gonna have a happy ending"

  • Strictly Business
    53K 1.8K 61

    Riley Madeline Daniels is the owner and founder of Daniels Industry. She's the new up and coming designer whose clothes are a "must have." Everything she ever dreamed of growing up in the small island of Barbados. But she couldn't help but notice that she was missing something. A man? No, not right now. A baby? Maybe...

    Completed   Mature
  • My First
    2.6K 132 4

    Robyn is a freshman in highschool who is just starting to find herself with her close friend Aubrey who isn't the coolest boy at Jefferson highschool either but they experience many firsts together (Aubrih story )

    46.3K 967 35

    Robyn notices at the start of 2016 thats she misses a special someone...she is working on her album and tour but something does not feel right, she misses aubrey graham...her one and only love.

  • Wild Thoughts
    3.7K 161 5

    Robyn fenty wants to expand her sexual ability after her boyfriend of two years cheats on her because he claimed she's boring in bed . Wild thoughts pop into Robyn head as she explores her sexual journey and encounters things she wasn't expecting .

  • Close To You
    2.7K 97 7

    Me and Aubrey are best friends since our childhood...but what happens when we tell each other our feelings? Will we make it?

  • |||Aubrih Imagines|||
    4.3K 128 4

    A bunch of different Aubrih imagines. All of them are fictional although there are some real events in the stories.

  • Don't Wanna Fall [Aubrih AU]
    23.8K 852 36

    Robyn has gone through a lot of trauma in her life. That includes the traumatizing experience she's had with her ex, Chris. She promises herself she'll never love again. But when lil old Aubrey moves to town, she can't help but go against her head and follow her heart as she embarks on the journey to love.

  • AubRih story
    1.8K 99 14

  • The Game
    545 34 1

    A story in which Drake is an MVP on the Toronto Raptors basketball team, and begins to show an interest in a beautiful, Bajan woman who is a strong fan of the opposing team. © elixirs, -stardusts

  • I Want You To Want Me
    69.8K 1.4K 35

    Their love for one another was truly impeccable but, there's only so much love can do...Is it really enough to stay in such a "toxic" relationship?

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopelessly Flawed
    41.6K 1.3K 38

    **[ONGOING EDITING]** Robyn Desmond is a hardworking, well-driven, young woman who strived for greatness. With the constant pressure she faces, how does she manage when the notorious Dean Kingsley kicks things up a notch in her once structured life?

  • I Want You To Love Me
    10.8K 355 11

    Sequel to: I Want You To Want Me. Settling down and starting a family wasn't as easy as it sounded...