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  • Tɦɛ Auctiѳɳ
    37.4K 1.2K 16

    BTS X male reader You have been auctioned to six men for a high price. How will you escape, or have you fallen for their seductive lies?

  • Killing Stalking X Reader! MALE! Shy! BXB!
    32.7K 834 16

    This is a story about Killing stalking, if ya don't know then idk what to tell you cuz if you read it you'll be mortified as a normal hooman, but if you do then i pray for you but's good? Anyways! this is a KS story, this is my first story so tell me if i did anything wrong but most importantly have fun readin...

  • Mysterious Male Yandere x Male Reader {On Hold}
    18.3K 448 15

    You don't like you're new school. You've only been there for two weeks. You made a few friends but you also met this asshole named Selim who keeps bullying you. One night you find yourself walking home from your friends house. Then you hear Selim behind you with a few friends as you're walking. Scared and not knowing...

  • Katsuki Bakugou x Male Reader [Oneshots]
    156K 2.7K 19

    We need more of these in the internet!! Bakugou is hawt and he deserves love. This is a yaoi book so expect boyxboy. I don't own the picture above, I don't own Bakugou and neither do I own you. I only own the story. This story contains swearing(obviously), killing, and also might contain lemons.

  • Forever Ours (Yandere Male Twins x Male Reader)
    22K 672 9

    (Y/n)'s life will always be a nightmare. Escaping their abusive parents (Y/n) thought that he was finally going to be happy. But his brother that he escaped with. 'Riku' started abusing (Y/n). Will the abuse never end? He never expected to the meet those twins. He got too close without realising how dangerous they rea...

  • Yandere Male Ghost x Yandere Male Reader
    28.7K 939 24

    A trip to a haunted house with his friends to a disaster as a ghost has taken an interest to him.

  • Brothers Conflict x Male Reader
    616K 23.3K 56

    Y/n is a 15 year old nerd. He wasn't as popular in his school but his 13 brothers were amazed when they found out behind his nerd features! And that is Y/n can dance!! The brothers soon fell in love with him but Y/n didn't know that his dance can make them spin their head right round?! Y/n then change his nerd like fe...

  • Love In The Veins (Link x Male Reader)
    135K 4.1K 21

    Link drank a love potion, oblivious to what it was. Stupid move? Yes, indeed so. Now he has fallen for you, lovely reader. Will you manage to make a cure? Will you fall in love in the process? There's only one thing I can tell you. All of the water of Hyrule is filtered through King Zora's ass crack. Disclaimer: I do...

  • A Killers Kitten (Jeff the Killer x Male!Neko!Reader
    74.8K 1.8K 10

    A story that I brought over from my Quotev account so if your from there welcome back and I'm sorry for not updating and if your new to the story then welcome Cover does not belong to me it belongs to it's rightful owner

  • ©~He Needs Me~ Yandere Guy X Male! Reader©
    28.7K 717 14

    This is just a random story I thought that I'd make...also the pictures used in this are NOT mine{the picture in the cover included}. Well that's all I have to say... enjoy...

    122K 4.2K 27

    New school, new people, new life. At least that's what it feels like. After your mother and father had a fight, you were forced to move somewhere new with your mum. You meet some good people, and some bad. One thing is for sure though: Everything's going to change. But for better, or for worse?