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  • Star Wars: Spice Runner
    76 10 2

    The mining and sale of spice is heavily restricted by the Galactic Empire, but a high credit value makes it frequently worth the risk for smugglers. Retrieving the illegal cargo is easy enough, but getting away in once piece is the real challenge for a spice runner. Tied for 1st with Thirteen Parsecs to Kessel by Arv...

  • The Kessel Gambit
    111 4 7

    Once upon a time a Wattpad Sci-Fi Profile Competition Entry... Since edited and re-written to correct some continuity and story-line errors. Enjoy! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... The Kessel Run; a notoriously risky route to a fast profit. The Empire sees it as a danger to security - a rat-run used by th...

  • Trouble
    93 8 5

    A triad of skilled thieves on the Kessel Run, are about to get a First Class treat. What the Empire doesn't know is that these thieves can be 'troublesome as ever'... *I know that the characters are a bit off from the originals, but the changes are just for the sake of my story.

  • A Smuggler's Silence
    57 7 1

    Lillri, the captain of a ragtag smuggler ship gets a mysterious mission to carry a crate to a drop off point, and leave it. But she is told not to open it... will she? Or will she not? ((For the Kessel Run contest)) ((A Star Wars story))

  • The Run From Kessel
    35 9 3

    The Galactic Empire is in control of the galaxy's trade routes, but it doesn't stop hundreds of smugglers from keeping their secret black market alive. Two of these smugglers are former Jedi, trying to earn a living without being discovered by the Empire. Both Haeleigh and Annika know what they've gotten themselves i...