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  • The Sisters Of The Court
    7.6K 560 84

    Scarlett, and Alice, the two ladies of the court. The women part of the future Tsarina of Russia's life. Growing up together the 3 cousins had a close relationship. But as time goes on people grow, relationships change. Will the world of responsibility and adulthood end up separating the 3 girls that were just like si...

  • Lord of the Rangers
    1.4K 69 6

    *Ranger's Apprentice/Lord of the Rings crossover* When Gilan, Alyss, and Halt inexplicably end up in Middle Earth, and with Aragorn, Thranduil, and Glorfindel stuck in Araluen, everyone is scrambling to make sense of it all. As these two worlds meet it is anyone's guess as to what will happen next--and if our six hero...

  • Dornessiti (Hobbit Short Story)
    21K 677 19

    Thorin Oakenshield has lost it all. His home, his family, his kingdom and the love of his life. He has no one, apart from his two young nephews and his little sister. Thorin lives a life of solitude and hard work, alone in his house in Ered Luin. Hazel is alone, scared and traumatised. Her life in the orphanage is ha...